Are you searching for a franchise to start a profitable business?

April, 7 2021

Are you looking for a franchise to open a business? It’s one of the best investment decisions you can make. Why? Because franchises are one of the most profitable and safe business models on the market. The risk involved in franchises is very low due to the proven models, profitability and success. 

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Investing in a franchise is a safe bet and this is confirmed by the Spanish Association of Franchisors in its report Franchises in Spain 2019:

The Spanish franchise reaches its 5th year of growth in all its variables: number of networks, establishments, jobs generated and turnover. - Spanish Association of franchises

According to the report, the franchises in Spain as a whole obtained a turnover of €27,707.2 million euro in 2018, increasing the figure reached in 2017 (€27,592 million euros) by 0.4%. It also employed 293,872 people, 14,921 more than in 2017, which represents an increase of 5.3%.

I’m looking for a franchise to open a business

Having confirmed the good decision you’ve made to open your business, we will tell you about one of the most profitable and successful franchises.


Jeff franchises

Jeff is one of the most trendy brands and is supported by their +2,000 franchises around the world (43 countries on 4 continents) and +2 million active users who use the super-app.

What is Jeff? Jeff is an omnichannel ecosystem. It integrates both virtual and physical consumers, hubs and services that combine the online and offline worlds. In addition to having physical hubs, it also has a mobile application that allows users to place their orders or sign up for the services they want.

The success of its franchisees is based on monopolizing the entire market (omnichannel system). If a user needs a physical hub, they have it nearby. If the user doesn’t have time, they can access it from the mobile app. It also has a consolidated brand, good marketing strategies and a talented team that constantly trains and advises the franchisee long term.

Jeff has 4 types of franchises and high recurrence models which ensures that the user returns to use the service.


I’m looking for a franchise to open a business: the best sectors 


1. Franchise to open a business: Mr Jeff Laundromats

Mr Jeff is a consolidated laundry franchise which has revolutionized the sector thanks to its innovative business model. It offers laundry and ironing services with a home delivery service through its app and website. It also offers monthly memberships. It has over 1,300 franchises across Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and it has no intention of slowing down.

➡️ Here you can see the opening of Mr Jeff franchise in Barcelona.


2. Franchise to open a business: Beauty Jeff Salons

Doing the simple in an exceptional way. We are Smart Beauty. Smart Beauty is based on Salons focused on everyday services which results in high recurrence by offering the services people want and simplifying the processes and management of your franchise.

With our processes, you don’t depend on a stylist, you increase user attendance by 26% and double productivity when compared with a traditional salon.

➡️Opening of a Beauty Jeff franchise in Argentina.


3. Beauty Jeff Lite: our most economical model

Beauty Jeff Lite is a new business model adapted to the current post-Covid needs, but retains the same essence as our Smart Beauty franchise.

Beauty Lite is a profitable model but with a simplified operation, standardized processes and focused on the user experience, offering only the most demanded services such as hairstyles, cuts, colors and treatments.

What is the difference between Smart Beauty and Beauty Lite?

Both models have the same essence, but with Beauty Lite, the investment is lower in relation to fixed costs, hiring staff and breaking even more easily. However, it has a lower maximum benefit than the Smart Beauty model.

➡️ Find out everything about Beauty Jeff Lite 

4. Franchise to open a business: Fit Jeff Center

Fit Jeff, which wants to become the largest fitness club in the world, has developed and consolidated a unique business model over the last few years.  They offer the most popular activities in a unique, flexible space, free from the noisy city.

The Jeff brand franchise is distinguished by marketing, technology and experience in the market. They also have a very complete app that gives the end user a unique experience.

➡️ In this video, Diego Moya, Head of Fit Jeff, tells you all about the franchise.


5. Relax Jeff franchise to open a business

More and more of the population suffers from stress, lack of concentration, anxiety, or feel overwhelmed by their everyday lives. Therefore, the demand for relaxation services and curative therapies is quickly increasing. 

Spa franchises and massage businesses are currently in a phase of full growth.

In addition, in this business line, there is usually very little customer criticism since what they are looking for is to relax and simply enjoy the relaxation time.

Investing in a spa franchise to start a business in these times is one of the best investment decisions as they have high profits.

➡️ In this video, Santiago Vernetta, Head of Relax Jeff, tells you all about the franchise.



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