Why in invest in a Relax Jeff massage franchise?

April, 22 2021

Is a spa a profitable business?  The relaxation and massage business has grown exponentially in recent years. The growth projection of the sector from 2017 to 2022 is 36%, with a turnover of $110 billion US dollars.

Why in invest in a Relax Jeff massage franchise

If you don't want to put your money at risk , a franchise is one of the best options on the market as they have already been proven by other entrepreneurs.

There are many reasons for investing in a Relax Jeff franchise, but here are the most important.

Discover how to open your own relaxation station

  • You minimize the risk involved in starting your own business, since Jeff provides you with all the know-how. This prevents you from making errors which could cost you or even close the business.
  • The investment in a Relax Jeff franchise is cheaper because centers are smaller and services shorter.
  • Before investing in the franchise, we provide you with the economic projection plan so that you’ll know how long it will take you to recover your investment. 
  • We advise you at each business stage, from once you invest, the choice of location, post-opening, marketing campaigns and tools, etc.
  • The Relax Jeff franchise is an omnichannel system. This means that in addition to the physical centers, it has a super-app through which users can make their reservations. You will have access and complete control here.   

We at Jeff have innovated and adapted to the market by providing the main services that users consume. oferta-demanda-servicios-relax-EN


➡️ Santiago Vernetta, Head of Relax Jeff, tells us all about the franchise.

 What are Relax Jeff Centers like?

Relax Jeff massage centers are smaller than the other spas, (35 m2 excluding the bathroom), which greatly reduces the investment of the business. When buying the franchise, all the business know-how will be provided, standardizing and guaranteeing a service of the highest quality.

Likewise, the franchisee will have the entire supply chain at their disposal with exclusive and quality products. 


Relax Jeff franchises premises are designed and adapted to the efficiency of the services and to create a relaxing space where the user can feel comfortable and at ease.

image4 (1)


 What services are provided at the Relax Jeff massage center?

We mainly focus on short back and neck, leg and foot, head and face, and full body massages. All massages include aromatherapy.  




➡️ Mario Cruz, owner of the first Relax Jeff in Mexico, tells us his experience.


 Jeff, a globally recognized and successful brand

Another reason to invest in Relax Jeff franchises is that it’s already globally recognized with more than 2,000 franchises in over 40 countries and more than 2 million users.

Being such a well-known global brand, our franchisees enjoy a high recurrence of customers which makes all our businesses highly profitable.

In addition, Jeff is a reference in the technological world, having won several awards from the most recognized companies on the planet.




Why does Jeff have so much recurrence and customers?

Thanks to its 4 verticals, laundry, beauty, fit and relax, we use cross-selling strategies that allow users to use all services repeatedly, which increases the profitability of franchises.



 The Jeff app

Jeff is an omnichannel system that satisfies both online, with its app, and offline, with its franchises. 

In the super-app, you can find all the services we offer so it’s not necessary for users to have to go to another app to make reservations for the other verticals.

Relax Jeff's turn philosophy is based on the here and now so that services are offered the same day without making users wait or wasting time waiting to be seen.


Discover how to open your own relaxation station


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