Most profitable franchises for small towns

May, 10 2021

Today at Jeff, we tell you the best franchises for towns according to the number of inhabitants so that you can start your business successfully.  

Living in towns today is a trend, and the more the population density grows in different areas outside the cities, the more commercial activity increases. 

So what are the advantages of opening franchises in towns and what are the most profitable options?

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Advantages of opening a franchise in a small town

If you already live in a town and want to set up a profitable franchise or business, you have a great advantage:

  • Everyone knows each other in towns. Trust is much higher when doing business with a known person than with a stranger.
  • You won't have to invest in advertising, which will save you a lot of money. People who already know you will promote your business through word of mouth and positive comments.
  • Advertising via word of mouth is much better than paid advertising. People tend to trust more in what their family, friends or acquaintances recommend.
  • Since you already know everyone in the town, you can create expectations about the new business before it opens. This arouses curiosity among the inhabitants. You will ensure that people talk about the business before opening, as well as high consumption during the first days after it opens. The latter is essential for a business, since you will generate a lot of cash and people try the service or product you offer.
  • The price of rent in towns is much cheaper than in cities, as well as services in general. This allows you to save on a day-to-day basis.
  • Saving on transport and the proximity of the business is essential. Today people want everything at hand, so if the business has a delivery service, even better.
  • Another great advantage of opening a franchise in a town is that you enter the market with a brand that is already known and proven by other entrepreneurs like you. This ensures the success of your business. You also have the support of a whole team of professionals who advise you at every step before and after opening the franchise.
  • By living in the town, you also get to know the people, their way of life and their customs. This makes it easier to offer them tailor-made services. You also get to know the competition and the other businesses in town. That way, you can add services that increase the quality of life of those living there. 


Most profitable franchises ideas for small towns

The most profitable franchises are always those that have high and constant recurrence. In other words, customers go to the business each day, week or month.

Here are some profitable franchise options for small towns:

1. Profitable franchise for towns: laundries

Laundries are recurring businesses due to their excellence. There’s a constant need to have clean clothes, so consumption is usually between 1 and 2 times per week. One of the benefits of opening a laundry franchise in a town is that the premises doesn’t need to be very large. 

We recommend the Mr Jeff laundry franchise. It’s globally recognized with over 2,000 franchises in over 43 countries and more than 2 million app users.

The advantage of Mr Jeff is that it has a mobile app where users can place their orders without leaving their home, as well as a delivery service. 

Another advantage is its subscription plans. Users get their clean clothes delivered with one single monthly payment. These franchises are great for towns of 2,000 or 5,000 inhabitants or more.


➡️ Opening of a Mr Jeff laundry franchise in Barcelona.


2. Food franchises for towns

Food franchises almost never fail. Although the business takes a lot more sacrifice than other sectors, it is also very profitable. Food businesses must be open every day, even on weekends and holidays, which are the busiest days. There are food franchises that can be adapted for towns with more than 2,000 inhabitants.


3. Hair salon franchises for towns

Another good franchise idea to open in a town is one from the beauty and aesthetics sector. People always want to feel good, be well groomed and look beautiful, which is why the sector has a high attendance. 

We recommend Beauty Jeff or Smart Beauty hair salon franchises. The Salons are focused on everyday services which results in high recurrence by offering the services people want and simplifying the processes and management of the franchise. With this model, you increase attendance by 26% and double productivity when compared with a traditional salon.

These franchises are adapted to towns from 10,000 inhabitants upwards.

➡️Opening of a Beauty Jeff franchise in Argentina.


4. Cheap franchises for towns: hairdressers

In this case, it’s worth mentioning the Beauty Jeff Lite hairdressing franchise. Although with the same essence as our Smart Beauty franchise (point #3), Beauty Jeff Lite is a new business model adapted to the current needs of post Covid-19 and perfectly accommodates the people. 

The premises are smaller (only 20m2), meaning so is the investment and the number of workers.

➡️ Find out all about Beauty Jeff Lite, a new, cheaper franchise model that’s ideal for towns.

This franchise model is adapted to different premises types. They are all 20m2 but have different shapes: square, rectangular or L-shaped. These franchises are perfectly adaptable for towns with more than 5,000 inhabitants.

Screenshot 2020-11-02 at 11.15.26 (1)

5. Clothing franchises for towns

Clothing franchises don’t stop growing. Recognized clothing stores are increasingly franchising their brands because they have realized the potential this line of business has. Fashion is always an interesting and profitable sector. "Fashion never goes out of style." Clothing franchises are recommended for towns of between 10,000 and 50,000 inhabitants.


6. Franchises for towns: gyms

Although it’s a very profitable business with high recurrence in towns, it’s not very common to see gyms and even less in small towns due to the size of the premises needed. Another downside is that a high investment is needed to set up a gym.

Because of this, Fit Jeff has dabbled with boutique gyms, a franchise that can be tailored to towns and cities. The investment is much lower since only a 75m2 premises is required and there’s no need for expensive equipment.

Fit Jeff are fitness centers where classes such as Pilates, yoga, HIIT and functional training are offered.

Fit Jeff franchises are perfectly suited for towns with 5,000, 10,000 or 50,000 inhabitants.


➡️ In this video, Diego Moya, Head of Fit Jeff, tells you all about the franchise.


7. Pet franchises for towns

Towns are excellent places to live with pets as houses are larger than in cities and most have large gardens. In addition, towns tend to have more green areas and parks where pets can be walked. Having a business selling pet products or groomers in towns is ideal as there is more and more awareness about animal care. Animal franchises can be set up in towns with 10,000 inhabitants.

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