Franchises with a future: which one to invest in after Covid

May, 18 2021

Which franchises with a future you can invest in? Here’s a list of the franchises with the best projections in the market, the ones that have had the most sales during the pandemic and the franchises that have won investment rounds.

If you’re thinking of investing in a business or buying a franchise, we recommend the following options:


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Franchises with a profitable future

1. Franchises with a future: Jeff

Jeff is one of the companies that has overcome the crisis and one that has opened the most franchises during the pandemic. From March to September 2020, Jeff has managed to sell more than 130 franchises around the world. This is an achievement given the situation and the crisis we are experiencing, in which people think more about saving their money than investing it.

This technology company can be considered as one of the strongest in the market, not only because of its  value proposition, but because of its great success in financing rounds. They raised around 10 million euros in 2019. 

Jeff currently operates in 4 continents with more than 2,000 franchises, while the super app has over 2 million active users.

Jeff is a platform that integrates the online and offline world offering different services that are used every day. All are available through their own 'super app' from where you can place laundry orders, book gym classes and take a turn for your beauty salon or massage session. 


They offer different franchise opportunities for interested investors who can choose the one that best suits them.


2. Franchises with a future: McDonalds

Food businesses never go out of style. McDonalds is another brand that has been successful through the crisis. This franchise has the most stores worldwide. 

But owning one of the world's leading franchises has a price and it’s high. An initial investment of 1 million euros is what the company requires to be a franchisee, in addition to other additional expenses.   

3. Franchises with a future: Carrefour

The food sector, like the medicine sector, has been another of the most benefited sectors. Supermarkets have been open every month and have even extended their opening hours.

Currently, Carrefour franchises are one of the most prosperous in the market. It’s the first multi-format distributor in Europe and the second worldwide with more than 50 years of experience. It’s present in 34 countries with 16,000 establishments of which 50% are franchises.

4. Franchises with a future: ZonaPharma pharmacies

Pharmacies have done well during the pandemic, belonging to one of the sectors which benefited most. In the middle of the pandemic, they were one of the sectors that benefited the most.

This Spanish company was created in 2005 and began franchising in 2016. ZonaPharma's business concept is based on specialized nutrition and cosmetic parapharmacies. They sell their own products and those from other brands. 

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