The importance of brand imagery for franchises

October, 20 2022

Opening a franchise has many advantages. One of the most important is that entrepreneurs have the possibility of joining a brand image that is perfectly studied, defined, cared for and known by the public.

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What is brand imagery or corporate branding?

Brand imagery could be defined as the perception that consumers have of a company, something like the mental image they've formed about a brand.

This concept is closely related to brand identity, which is the set of graphic, visual or emotional elements of an organization.


Why is brand imagery important for a franchise?

Properly managing a company's corporate brand generates:

  Greater ease of reaching the public. If we achieve a recognizable brand image, we'll reach both our target audience and the general public sooner.

  Competitive differentiation. If we recognize the brand imagery, it's much easier to differentiate it from its competitors and get customers to choose it.

  Trust. A well-defined corporate image generates a sense of trust that's passed on to your products and services.

The brand imagery of franchises is one of its unique features.

It's also fundamental to establish its position in the market, which is key for these reasons:


Main factor for success

When the brand imagery of a franchise is positive, the product or service it offers is not only easily recognizable, but also has more value, which means more prestige and more sales.

We must not forget that one of the objectives of generating a powerful corporate brand image is that customers are able to remember the added value that it offers.


Homogeneity and cohesion

Franchises have a uniform image, so that customers know exactly what product or service they're buying.

A priori, this homogeneity is a differentiating aspect, but it has another advantage: It helps to convey a feeling of unity, of being part of a community.

For this reason, all the elements that make up your corporate image must respect a series of characteristics (color, font, etc.) that we can associate with specific values. 

To maintain a uniform look and feel and a recognizable brand identity, franchises set parameters for the graphic uses of their design.

They also have corporate identity manuals where they provide their entrepreneurs with all the basic tools to properly use their resources.


Faster opening times

Creating brand imagery is quite complex and time consuming.

We could say that the brand imagery of franchises is somewhat like an iceberg: What we see is the logo and corporate colors, which are a part of the whole that shapes and supports its philosophy, its values, its identity and its know-how.

In communication and advertising jargon, this is what is known as branding.

In the case of franchises, the branding is already done: You just have to apply the guidelines provided in the franchisor's identity manuals. This is interesting from a practical point of view, since it saves time and makes opening businesses much quicker.


Most effective marketing strategy

Many customers base their purchases on trust built by the brand imagery.

Having the corporate image of a franchise defined from the beginning helps entrepreneurs to create more effective marketing, communication and promotional strategies, in which the use of materials and media is studied in detail.

By conveying a strong image to our target, we also connect with our customers and better position ourselves in the minds of the consumers.


Advantages of the Jeff brand

At Jeff, we've created our own ecosystem and offer our customers practical solutions (laundromats, cafés, fitness centers, beauty salons, etc.) to make their daily lives easier, help them save time and provide them with a better quality of life. What we know as The Good Good Life.

To achieve this revolutionary ecosystem of services, we're proposing a franchise model based on fostering entrepreneurship, on our experience and on working together with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world.

imagen de marca - Jeff Week

Thanks to this, we offer our entrepreneurs:

Our technology

From the Jeff App, entrepreneurs can monitor their business in real time and offer innovative services to their customers.

In the Jeff Suite business management tool, you'll find features to streamline your work, have on-going training and marketing strategies to promote and boost your business.

Our support

Jeff franchises have the support of our professionals and experts, who will advise you on a continuous basis, answer your questions and help you grow.

Our brand imagery

Finally, we must not forget that Jeff is a well-known, recognizable and established brand in the market, with more than 2,000 franchisees in more than 40 countries, and close to two million users worldwide.

Working with a brand like this is an asset when it comes to entrepreneurship. Would you like to join the big Jeff family?

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Filipe Cabrita
Filipe Cabrita
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