Beauty Jeff Lite: a new, more affordable beauty franchise

November, 3 2020

The Jeff franchises are constantly changing and innovating. Our aim is to adapt to the new market needs and the limitations of the current situation that satisfy both the franchisee and the final user. For this, we are launching our new Beauty Jeff Lite model.

What is our new Beauty Jeff Lite franchise about?

Beauty Jeff Lite is a new business model adapted to the current post-Covid needs, but retains the same essence as our Smart Beauty franchise.

Beauty Lite is a profitable model but with a simplified operation, standardized processes and focused on the user experience, offering only the most demanded services such as hairstyles, cuts, colors and treatments.

Discover how to open your own beauty salon

Limitations of the beauty sector due to Covid-19

Due to the pandemic, various businesses have been affected and must reduce the capacity of customers in their premises. 


What is the difference between Smart Beauty and Beauty Lite?

Both models have the same essence, but with Beauty Lite, the investment is lower in relation to fixed costs, hiring personnel, breakeven more accessible, although it has a lower maximum benefit than the Smart Beauty model.

Difference between Smart Beauty and Beauty Lite premises

The difference in investment can also be seen in the size of the premises.  While for Smart Beauty the optimal size of the premises is 45m2, for Beauty Lite it’s 20m2. It’s ideal for shopping mall and alternative areas.

This model is adapted to different premises types, all 20m2, but different shapes: square, rectangular or L-shaped.

Screenshot 2020-11-02 at 11.15.26 (1) 

What are the steps involved in opening a Beauty Jeff Lite franchise?

Opening any of our Beauty franchises is very easy:

1. Register HERE

2. One of our advisors will be in contact with you to present all the necessary information to you.

3. Signing the contract

4. From Jeff, we offer you all the business know-how and train you to be a successful entrepreneur (Jeff Academy)

5. Fitting out the premises (our models are turnkey, meaning you only have to worry about choosing the premises. We will hand it over to you remodeled, fitted out and ready to open)

6. Our Marketing team will be in charge of doing the necessary campaigns so that the premises becomes known and is a success.



What is the turns system like in our Beauty franchises? 

Our Beauty service is based on the HERE and NOW, so the services will be offered on the same day. Also, you will be assigned to the closest Beauty Jeff by a location system, although you can also choose a different Salon if you prefer.


It’s not necessary to go to the Salon or even call to receive your turn.  With our super app, you can choose when to go.

This is a comparison of our innovative appointment system for our beauty salons, which results in greater attendance as our service is more efficient and productive and therefore, more profitable.


Beauty Jeff videos

➡️ Here you can see the opening of the first Beauty Jeff franchise in Argentina.


Discover how to open your own beauty salon

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