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March, 25 2021

If you’re an investor, have capital and are looking for a project or business to invest in to get profit, you’re in the right place.

I’m an investor and looking for a project to invest in.

We at Jeff will tell you about the different business models you can invest in depending on your capital.

We are present in over 40 countries and prices vary in each. Leave us your details for more information.

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Beauty Jeff Lite franchises: a more economical franchise model.

Beauty Jeff Lite is a new business model adapted to the current post-Covid needs, but retains the same essence as our Smart Beauty franchise.

Beauty Lite is a profitable model but with a simplified operation, standardized processes and focused on the user experience, offering only the most demanded services such as hairstyles, cuts, colors and treatments.


What is the difference between Smart Beauty and Beauty Lite?

Both models have the same essence, but with Beauty Lite, the investment is lower in relation to fixed costs, hiring personnel, break even more accessible. However, it has a lower maximum benefit than the Smart Beauty model.


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Jeff Franchises

Jeff is the fastest growing innovative franchise in the world. It has over 2,000 franchisees in 40 countries and more than 2 million users using its Super App.

Each one of Jeff's specialties (laundry, beauty, fitness, and relax) has experts with a proven, successful track record. All of this is accompanied by continuous training, online and offline marketing support, advice before, during and after, and management systems to support your business.


Multi-unit Jeff Franchises

If you have the capital, this is the option for you!

With Jeff's multi-unit franchises, you can manage your own franchise network in a specific territory.

Jeff is the only company in the market capable of offering an online and offline ecosystem in different sectors. Therefore, by investing in our multi-unit franchises, you can choose how many hubs in each vertical (laundry, beauty, fitness or relax) you want to have, which minimizes risks and diversifies the business for users by giving them a highly versatile app. 

These days, customers are tired of downloading apps for each service. Jeff's app has several integrated services, so we are already part of the users' day-to-day life.

One great opportunity of having multi-unit franchises of various specialties is having a cross-selling strategy, which increases the recurrence of the services offered.

If you want more information, you can visit our Enterprise Franchises website.


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Investing in a franchise is profitable

It’s proven, and this is stated by the Spanish Association of Franchisors in its report The Franchise in Spain 2019 that this business model is one of the most profitable and safe in the market.

The Spanish franchise reaches its 5th year of growth in all its variables: number of networks, establishments, jobs generated and turnover. - Spanish Association of franchises

According to the report, franchises in Spain as a whole obtained a turnover of €27,707.2 million euro in 2018, increasing the figure reached in 2017 (€27,592 million euros) by 0.4%. It also employed 293,872 people, 14,921 more than in 2017, representing an increase of 5.3%.

Investing in this business today is an excellent opportunity.

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