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February, 25 2020

Are you ready to be your own boss? For someones, franchises may be the answer. A franchise investment opportunity offers a ready-made business model, along with trainings and support.

In the recent years, the economic track record for franchises has been high. Franchise investment opportunities are growing at a faster rate than non-franchise business since 2016, according to the International Franchise Association.  But there are risks in every investment. In this case, a future entrepreneur should look closely  and investigate about the best-rated franchises opportunities before investing. There are many factors to consider, and first and foremost is to determine if this is the right business approach for your personality.

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Best rated franchises opportunities


Is buying into a franchise a good investment opportunity?

With a franchise, you own and run a business. However, you get to use a well-known name and you usually receive some support and resources from the corporate headquarters. Buying a franchise can be expensive,  so you need to do your homework ahead of time. Additionally, it is important to understand the pros and cons of buying a franchise.

When you buy a franchise, you’re effectively buying a ready-made customer base. In a usual business it could take months or even years for a small business to build up brand awareness, as well as considerable amounts of money and effort in marketing, PR, headhunting and other difficult parts that a company have to go ahead on. 

Another benefit of franchising is the level of training and support you receive from an experienced  franchisor, this depends, of course, in the franchise you invest in, not everyone gives this perk in the same level. You can’t put a price on learning from someone who has created one of the the best franchise business opportunities, and this advice can be invaluable for franchisees. 

Statistics demonstrate that franchise businesses have a higher success comparing to independently run businesses. Only 40% of small businesses survives, and according to the British Franchise Association, the failure rate of franchise businesses stands at 4.6% - much lower than that of independent businesses.

"Running a franchise can be a great way to start running your own business, but you need to understand why you are getting into it, what you are getting into, whom you're getting into it with and of course how you plan to get out of it. The better you understand the answers to these questions, the better your probability of selecting the franchise segment and company with the best potential for you."

- Gordon Tredgold at Empreneteur.

best franchising opportunities 2019


Best Rated Franchises Opportunities to Buy and Own:

How do we determine which franchises are the best rated franchises opportunities?

Using Entrepreneur's  ranking formula, which is always evolving to keep up with the ever-changing franchise world. Here's an overview of what its considered:

  1. Cost and fees
    • Franchise fee
    • Total investment
    • Royalty fees
  2. Size and growth
    • Open and operating units
    • Growth rate
    • Closures
  3. Support
    • Training times
    • Marketing support
    • Operation support
    • Franchise infrastructure
    • Financing availability
    • Litigation
  4. Brand strength
    • Social media
    • System size
    • Years in business
    • Years franchising
  5. Financial strength and stability
    • Franchisor's audited financial statements

franchise investment opportunities

Trends are changing, and with them the way in what the companies develop, so it is normal that business trends have envolved at the same time than society does. Thats why best franchise business opportunities are not the same now than 10 years ago.

So do you want to know what are the best franchising opportunities 2020? 


If you are interested in some business trends of the future, you should also read this article ! - "2020 New Business Trends of the Future to Know About"


List of the best franchise tu buy:
1. Hertz
2. Anytime Fitness
3. 7-Eleven
4. The UPS store

5. Jeff App

  • Mr Jeff
  • Beauty Jeff
  • Fit Jeff


1. Hertz:

The world’s largest car rental business with approximately 9,000 locations in 147 countries and global sales of $14 billion!

2. Anytime Fitness

The franchise system consists of fitness centers offering convenient access and one on one, small and large group training. The franchisor has developed an access and security system that allows members of an Anytime Fitness center to have access to any Anytime Fitness center 24 hours a day, automated tanning and vending services, and reciprocal benefits between centers.

3.  7-Eleven:

best rated franchise opportunities - 7 eleven

Ranked as the world's second largest convenience store chain with some 55,000 stores in 16 countries! 

4. The UPS store

The UPS Store Centers are retail service businesses which offer mail and parcel receiving, packaging and shipping services through various carriers and provide a wide range of other authorized products and services, including notary, printing, copying, office supplies and communications (such as fax) services.

5. Jeff franchise

HubSpot Video

Jeff is a technological company with worldwide presence that solves people's day to day problems. It implements constant progress and improvement in all of its processes due to its commitment to continuously innovate. Right now it is one of the best-rated franchises opportunities in the laundry, beauty and fitness sector, it has a franchise in the majority of the Asian countries, that's because of having a new and innovative business model

- Mr Jeff laundry franchise:

They have managed to revolutionize a sector as traditional as laundry. With just a few clicks they take care of picking up, washing, ironing and delivering your clothes to you wherever you are.

- Beauty Jeff franchise

Providing simple, but exceptional services, they are Smart Beauty. Smart beauty is based on salons focused on day-to-day services, which translates into high recurrence, offering the services that people
need most, which simplifies the processes and management of your franchise.

- Fitness franchise

Their aim is to be the biggest fitness club in the world. Opening boutique centers which offer an amazing experience in a great atmosphere: an oasis in the city, very different from the traditional dark, grey gym.

The best of it? you can have your own Jeff point. One of the best app startup to invest in the startup world, an it can be yours!


  international franchise business - hertz



international franchise business - 7 eleven ups international franchise business - Jeff app
Initial investment












Franchise Fee













$300 to $500
Internationaliza-tion 9.000 points 4.000 points 55.000 points 5.075 points More than 2.000 points


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