Finding The Best Investment Opportunities this year

February, 25 2020

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Done? Inspired? Good... Now that you have a background idea, questions and queries, this article will be more interesting and of better help to you than before. Let's get to it!

Before making the decision to invest and find a profitable opportunity, it is of great importance to know that unlike the security offered by cash, all investments may fall as well as rise in value, maybe you could get less money than invested or otherwise. When it comes to investment you never know, with the help of data, statistics and analysis you are able to "predict" what will happen, but in the end, you never know until you know.

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Investing is the tool that provides another source of income, some may use this tool for having a better retirement, to enjoy a nice comfortable future and others because they want to get off a financial jam.

Whatever the reason, investing helps your wealth to grow; that's the main objective, each person has its own reason.  Because there are many reasons to invest for, there are also many ways to invest - investing doesn't mean "all or nothing". People may decide to use their money on safe choices such as renting a house or go to medium-risk options such as corporate bonds.

Want high-risk? Then you would but your money on picks such as growth stocks or in index funds and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust). That's the great part of it, you can always find something that fits to your profile and the level of risk you are willing to take. AND as there are many different things to invest in, there is a possibility to combine investments as well. Imagine investment as a store full of different candy from all around the world, you cannot go out of it empty handed. business opportunity for 2020



Endless list. The world of investments has a many opportunities that come in many different shapes and forms. Facts are that small businesses require more work and risk  than other investments but the payoff may be way bigger.

Hard to believe right? Well this will be harder. Statistics show that they also generate a major part of the economy, provide many jobs and are one of the best paths to long-term wealth! (if you choose the right business of course). 

Regardless of the sector chosen, there are five key points that a business should have to become a profitable investment opportunity


The potential to be profitable now and for many years in the future.

2. Economical Strength:

To be able to do well even in uncertain economic times.

3. Startup Business needs:

Dedication, hard work, perseverance and desire to succeed!

4. Passion:

Make sure the businesses requirements don't depend upon decades of experience. Focus more on the passion for the business.

5. Innovation: 

innovation - investment opportunity


"No innovation no life, no innovation no future"

- Jean-Claude Biver



After understanding the main components a business should have to become a profitable investment, below you will find the some of the Best Investment Opportunities this year.


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1. Digital Services

On this technological era, everything is online so it has to be fast. This is why digital franchises are being the bomb! There is no time, what can be better than doing things in one click? Remember the google micro moments?


When a person wants something, they want it given to them right away, no waiting, I want it and I want it now! And you know what the good thing about digital services is? That you can help the people that ask for it with high margins! As stated before, technological franchises are in the boom because its very "easy" to handle the business. Not because it requires less effort, but because of the added value technology gives these franchises. There are a mix of brick and mortar and technology, the best of both worlds. 


2. Bitcoins & Blockchains

Bitcoins and Blockchain businesses are one of the biggest buzzwords in the financial technology industry; They are having an incredible massive demand, as they're having much bigger value than bitcoins to investors thinking about the future. What Bitcoins do is that they decentralise money, they remove the requirement for a third person to enable transactions. Blockchains? Well, now imagine you could do the same but now for computer code. Amazing right? 

These two businesses go beyond our imagination, investing in any of this is being one step ahead of the game. The counterpart to be seen is that, as it is one step ahead of technology, it is not yet known how much value they will have when the time comes. But if you are have a thing for technology and are a bit more curious, here is a video that might help you understand better.



3. Wearables

The wearables market is growing more each day, its impressive. I've said it a couple times in this article (just one more I promise!) everything is connected. Technology makes our lives easier and because of this, we have gotten used to many goods that we see now as "normal". For example the internet, the Apple Watch, the Garmin gadgets for athletes, etc.. We get used to things being wireless and THAT is why this market is growing because we want to carry the less devices and connected. The less effort the better, having all our devices connected to each other, the BEST.

4. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the strangest and scariest interesting stock market to invest in. In how many other industries are companies striving to save lives? I know! The risk here is that the nature of the industry is there is not guaranteed that it will work, the mean of this is that many investors give money to projects before recieving assurance that the project will, for example, save a life. 

Biotechnology opportunity to invest
Bottom line...

Investing may be a great way for people to build their wealth over time, and there is an endless list of investment options to invest in (from laundry & dry cleaning to fitness centers). But this big range of options means people will need to analyze and understand the pros and cons of each investment option to made a decision based on facts.

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