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August, 7 2020

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has hit the economy hard on a global level. A recent study has shown that 20% more people, compared with past years, have set up their own businesses to combat the crisis, meaning many more are searching for new investment options. Among them, one of the most popular is investing in affordable, profitable franchises, as they provide all the know-how for the business.

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Affordable and profitable franchises: Reasons to invest in them

Here are some reasons why it’s better to invest in a franchise.

  1. Avoid risks. This is definitely one of the most important ones as nobody wants to lose money. A franchise allows you to minimize the risks as the franchising company gives you all the knowledge about the business.
  2. Invest in a consolidated brand. This is another important reason as people usually go to places they know of rather than new ones.
  3. Constant training. The franchisor has different training programs to learn about the business quicker as well as having constant, high quality support to advise you about achieving profitability.
  4. Success. The majority of franchises can expand their business because they have proven success. This business has been opened by many entrepreneurs like you and have achieved success and the expected earnings.
  5. Price. This is another important reason. We all want to make money with little investment. Investing in a franchise assures proven profit. You have to pay a starting and monthly fee but it's often less than if you open a business on your own and make a mistake along the way.


Affordable and profitable franchises you can invest in for little money


Laundry Franchise

Mr Jeff is a laundry franchise which has revolutionized the sector thanks to its innovative business model. It offers home delivery laundry and ironing services through its app and website. It also offers monthly memberships. 

Investing in this franchise is relatively cheap compared to others and is profitable. Its consolidated brand, strategically adapted laundry plans to generate high user recurrence, additional services and over 2,000 franchises on 4 continents support this investment.

The cost of investing in a Jeff laundry franchise may vary depending on the country. We recommend contacting an advisor to get all the information.


Hairdressing Franchise

Hairdressers and beauty salons have always been profitable businesses due to high user recurrence.  Continuous fashion changes and hairstyles make it an industry with greater potential and opportunities. In addition, hairdressers are considered essential businesses as they help people look and feel good about themselves.

Investing in Jeff salons is usually low as the premises is a smaller size. In addition, this franchise has an app where users can request a turn without queues or waiting. This means that the space and working times of the hairdressers are optimized, therefore increasing the number of users and profit. 

To date, Beauty Jeff salon franchises have opened successfully in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica.

The cost of investing in a Jeff beauty franchise may vary depending on the country. We recommend contacting an advisor to get all the information.

Opening of the first Beauty Jeff franchise in Argentina.


Gym Franchise

Investing in traditional gyms is quite high as you must buy equipment, as well as the need to have a very spacious premises so that people can exercise comfortably. 

But there are other options, such as Fit Jeff, where the investment is very low as it only offers a limited number of classes such as Pilates, yoga, HIIT and functional training, so no expensive equipment is necessary.

The profitability of this business is generally high as people usually buy memberships every 6-12 months, which ensures good profits all year round.

The Fit Jeff boutique gym franchise has been one of the company's big launches this year.

The cost of investing in a Jeff gym franchise may vary depending on the country. We recommend contacting an advisor to get all the information.



Spa and Relaxation Franchise

Spa and massage businesses offer a great opportunity for those looking to invest in a model that offers good profits. The business of massage, well-being and personal care has been central to some of the most incredible and fastest growing expansions in recent years.

Depending on the services provided, investment can vary enormously. It’s not like a 300 square meter spa with swimming pool and jacuzzi. The space is smaller to be used exclusively for relaxing massage rooms.

Investing in the Relax Jeff franchise is lower as the premises is smaller and the operation is similar to that of the hairdressing franchise.

The cost of investing in a Jeff spa franchise may vary depending on the country. We recommend contacting an advisor to get all the information.


Jeff App: an ecosystem of specialties

This super-app is an ecosystem of specialties that brings different verticals together. Jeff began with laundry franchises and are now launching fitness franchises through boutique gyms that offer the most popular activities, as well as beauty and massage franchises.

By having all franchises on one app, each business will be constantly exposed to new customers thanks to the cross-selling strategy.

Each specialty is run by experts with successful, proven track records in their field. All this comes with continuous training, advice and support in marketing and finance.

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