Where to invest in times of crisis 2021 - Covid-19

July, 21 2020

As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, Jeff is now offering special benefits for those wishing to acquire a franchise under any of its four business lines : Mr Jeff laundry, Fit Jeff gyms, Beauty Jeff hairdressers, and Relax Jeff Spas.   

If you are looking to invest in a profitable business, with high user  recurrence, have financial independence and would like to be your own boss, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

The Jeff team is always available to provide necessary advice on our different areas during our sales and pre-opening process. These are some of the benefits we are offering exclusively during the coronavirus state of alarm:

Discover how to open your own business

  • You will have a period of 7 months to find a premise in your desired area.
  • You will not have to pay Royalties for 7 months. 
  • Additional time to hire your Jeff franchise manager other staff, to ensure you find the best profiles.
  • Our franchise model is a "turnkey" model. We give you the premises ready to use with all the necessary modifications carried out. You don’t have to worry about renovations.
  • Virtual Meetings to continue with personalized support.

This year got off to a difficult start. In December forest fires ravaged Australia  and soon after, the Coronavirus began to spread in Wuhan, China. But no one imagined the impact this virus would have. Covid-19 has paralyzed the world, people's lives and our economies. During these difficult times, we feel it’s important to analyze where to invest and what the best options are. 

Where to invest in times of crisis this year?

The coronavirus has ground many economies around the world to a halt and it stands to reason that many entrepreneurs want to wait for things to clear before making certain investment decisions. 

However, the crisis may have, in fact, had a positive impact on some. Several entrepreneurs have been forced to think outside the box, reinvent themselves, see new options and set their sights on businesses with strong future prospects.

We would like to discuss some of the best investment options, businesses which have been successful around the globe and have prosperous futures ahead. 

1. Jeff Franchises

Jeff is the fastest growing franchise in the world, with more than 2000 franchisees in 40 countries and more than 2 million users using its Super App.

The super-app unites all Jeff business lines. Jeff began with laundry franchises and is now launching fitness franchises with boutique gyms, offering the most popular activities, and beauty franchises with hairdressing salons focusing on everyday beauty.

Each specialty is run by experts with successful track records in their field.  Franchisees receive continuous training, online and offline marketing support, advice before, during and after your franchise purchase and management systems to support your business.

Start up your own day-to-day service business

1.1 Laundry franchises: Mr Jeff

The Mr Jeff franchise model works with appliances that are gentle on garments but very effective in removing stains. In addition, through the app and website, the customer can request their order to be picked up from their home and delivered within 24 hours.

Mr Jeff is a technology-based company, which over the last few years, has managed to develop the necessary technology as the basis to build a new profitable business.

It is undoubtedly a staple business: everyone has to wash and iron their clothes. The model designed by Mr Jeff, low costs and the minimum investment allow the prices for the end customer to be the lowest in the entire sector and allow the best return for the investor.



1.3 Beauty franchises: Beauty Jeff

Doing the simple in an exceptional way. We are Smart Beauty. Smart Beauty is based on salons providing everyday services. These services result in high recurrence because they are highly popular. 

With our processes, you don’t depend on a stylist, you increase user attendance by 26% and double productivity, compared to a traditional salon.




1.3 Gym franchises: Fit Jeff

Fit Jeff wants to become the largest fitness club in the world and have developed and consolidated a unique business model over the last few years. Fit Jeff offers the most popular activities in a unique, flexible space, far from the noise of the city. 

The Jeff brand franchise is distinguished by marketing, technology and experience in the market, additionally they have a very complete app that allows the end user a unique experience.




1.4 Spa franchises: Relax Jeff

More and more of the population are beginning to suffer from stress, lack of concentration, anxiety, or feel overwhelmed by their every day lives. Therefore, the demand for relaxation services and curative therapies is quickly growing. 

Spa franchises and massage business are expanding rapidly. The question is, are spa franchises profitable? The answer is yes. 

Depending on the services provided, the investment can vary enormously. The leading country in this type of business is Mexico, with approximately 2000 Spas throughout the territory. In addition, in this business line there is usually very little customer criticism as customers simply want to relax and enjoy our services. 

Investing in a spa franchise is one of the best investment decisions at the moment, as spas have a high investment return.


where to invest in time of crisis


What are the advantages of Jeff franchises?

Thanks to our technological platforms, our franchise model provides operational tools to franchisees who seek a low investment, competitive royalty fees and who want to open their own business with a brand present in 4 continents.

The expert advice and technological, publicity and people support Jeff offers is what sets us apart from our competitors. 

Jeff has a team of business advisors who provide ongoing support to help franchisees in anyway necessary. This includes webinars, face-to-face training, the e-learning platform and monthly visits to different countries.

Jeff trains and conveys all their know-how to their franchisees, empowering them to grow their business. Franchisees are accompanied throughout all phases of their business.

We have a marketing team of over 60 professionals focused on our franchisees. We create and invest in marketing, advertising and communication campaigns, both locally and nationally, with the aim of gaining visibility for our franchisees, increasing brand awareness and user traffic.


Opportunities for Jeff franchises in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis

Now could be the perfect time to invest in a global brand that provides everything the investor needs to start their own business. This ensures franchisees aren’t overwhelmed by starting from scratch, which is especially important during a time of crisis. 

It's a time when negotiating rent prices, for example, can benefit the tenant. In addition, there's more time to prepare for when everything returns to normal. 

Here at Jeff we are also taking this time to improve the training we offer to our franchisees. 


Jeff franchises are a safe, short-term investment opportunity in a time of crisis

Jeff does not require a large investment and has an investment return ranging between 20 and 24 months. 

It is a good time for real estate rentals (low prices, low demand), as well as for construction negotiation (low prices, low demand), buying inputs and other business elements. 

Finally, we have an opening time that ranges from 3-6 months, so once the Covid-19 situation passes, the franchisee will be ready to open. 


THE JEFF APP. Much more than an App



We are more than an app. We are creating a super-app with everything you need: all of the most popular day-to-day services in one place: the Jeff App.

Differentiating characteristics: 

  •  Mobile payment
  •  Geo-localization of nearby Jeff hubs
  •  Reservations/turns
  •  Service selection
  •  Real-time metrics
  •  Customer information

The Jeff App is versatile because the end customer is tired of downloading different apps for each service. All services are integrated and one of the biggest purposes of the app is to encourage customer loyalty and being part of our customers’ daily lives.

A great opportunity to advertise our different specialties is the Cross-selling strategy.

This is beneficial for both the end user and the franchisee. This strategy is offered by very few companies and only by Jeff with these specialties. 

Jeff, the next big  “Marketplace of everything" in the global services industry.

The only franchise that shares clients between its lines of business.  By having all franchises in one application, each business will be constantly exposed to new customers.

We have a network of loyal Jeff brand customers. These users will be able to use a different Jeff service than the one normally offered and still be able to see the service through the app. They cover all possible sales channels as services can be sold directly from the physical store, from the app and on our website, reaching a large audience, thanks to our great online and offline Marketing strategy.

Discover how to open your own business

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