Franchisee Training: The Success Factor!

September, 6 2022

At Jeff, we know that training is fundamental for a business model focused on franchises. Why? Because it's the best way to transmit the know-how and the processes to the franchisees.

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Training, a distinguishing aspect of the franchise

Franchising and training are two concepts that go hand in hand: somehow, all entrepreneurs have the need to grow personally and professionally in line with their business in their DNA.

Franchise training involves different processes or levels.

  • On the one hand, there is mandatory training, where the entrepreneur is trained for basic operational processes.
  • On the other hand, the franchisee must also become familiar with general aspects related to business management.


How long should franchisee training take?

Franchise training will always be an investment, and should be planned from a practical, effective, and functional approach.

Its duration is relative: it can last from one week to one year, since there are concepts that only require one day, while some methodologies must be worked on with patience and dedication.

Ideally, franchise training should be ongoing and adapted to the different stages of business growth.


Digitalization as a tool

Digitalization has many advantages when it comes to providing all types of training. To begin with, it has proven to facilitate the understanding of concepts through structured processes.

It also allows students to follow a personalized learning pace adapted to their needs.

 In this sense, digitalization is a fundamental pillar in the franchisee's training because it guarantees a more agile and effective access to knowledge (one of the main barriers when it comes to entrepreneurship). At the same time, it encourages the creation of innovative and flexible learning spaces.

This idea fits perfectly with our philosophy at Jeff: we want to democratize access to entrepreneurship and make it possible for anyone, regardless of their financial means or previous knowledge, to manage their own business.

In addition to the Jeff Academy platform, if you start with Jeff, you'll have several technological tools and Apps to help you with your day-to-day business.

Thanks to them, we've been able to create the “Jeff Community”, where our entrepreneurs can find:

  • The best examples and experiences from other partners.
  • Events.
  • Training modules.
  • Workshops.

Formación para franquiciados


Initial training

Much of the training for franchisees is done prior to opening their business. This is to ensure that the owner delivers a service in accordance with the franchise's requirements and to familiarize them with the franchise's way of working.

This training, which includes a theoretical and a practical part, is what Jeff calls "mandatory pre-opening training", and includes an e-learning course through Jeff Academy.

The franchisee learns everything they need to know about the operational processes associated with their business to make their Jeff store a success.

This training includes:

  • Information on the activity that they’ll be carrying out.
  • Sales techniques.
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Supplies.
  • Choosing and managing personnel.
  • Software operation, and much more!

Process training

Processes, understood as the correct methodology to produce a product or provide a service, are fundamental for franchises.

Every business that has been operating for some time has its own "processes" for preparing a product or offering a service, attending to its customers, or using its resources.

This methodology is usually put in manuals that the franchisee must know like the back of their hand.

Discover how to open your own business

Ongoing training

Once a business is up and running, training for franchisees must be ongoing for several reasons.  The most important thing is to optimize time and resources. But training also helps to resolve doubts that arise on a daily basis.

It also allows the franchisee to train their employees over time. After all, efficient franchise onboarding is the best way to offer your customers the best experience.

This ongoing training may include:

  • Periodic courses. On specific advertising campaigns, new products, new strategies, etc.
  • Refresher courses. To refresh, update or improve knowledge that has already been learned.
  • Franchisee conventions. These are events where managers and franchisees share experiences, exchange ideas, analyze results, and set goals.
  • Online training or e-learning. Includes webinars, courses, materials, manuals, direct support services, etc.

How do we do it at Jeff?

Jeff Academy is the official Jeff school. There you'll find pre-opening training (which is done through the Docebo platform) and ongoing training (located in the "Jeff Academy" tab within Jeff Suite).

For the first type, entrepreneurs must pass tests to complete the pre-opening and mandatory training required to start their business. They can access Jeff Academy whenever and wherever they want, taking control over their own training.

At Jeff Academy you'll also get to know more about the tools that Jeff makes available to its entrepreneurs to manage their business (Jeff Suite, Jeff App, Jeff Drivers, Jeff Cloud...).


Jeff Academy

Initial training with Jeff is given in three modules:

  1. Initial Training (carried out by the entrepreneur with their personal e-mail)
  2. Business Training (carried out by the manager with the franchise e-mail)
  3. Technical Training (carried out by the manager with the franchise e-mail)

You can be certified to open a Jeff store just by completing these three training courses and passing the final test.

This pre-opening training is completed with our official manuals:

  • Vertical Manual
  • Services and Technology Manual
  • Marketing Manual
  • Retail Manual

Afterwards, you'll have the Jeff Academy ongoing learning space on Jeff Suite at your fingertips, where you can get inspired and continue learning.

Here you’ll find:

  • Videos and support materials
  • Webinars
  • Official Manuals
  • Employee training
  • Tips for boosting your business
  • Help Center (only for Mr Jeff laundry stores).

Through Jeff Academy, the entrepreneur can also train their employees on how the business operates.


At Jeff, we believe that you don't need to be an industry expert to manage your business. However, training is essential for the proper management of the premises and for the quality of the services you offer.

Jeff Academy content is developed by experts. It's also dynamic (continuously updated), accessible and available in various formats (videos, downloadable content, interactive content, and quizzes).

You'll have unlimited access and will be able to test your knowledge whenever you wish. Are you ready to start your franchise today? Contact us.

Discover how to open your own business

Filipe Cabrita
Filipe Cabrita
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