Energy efficiency in laundries: a commitment to savings

October, 20 2022

You've probably wondered about the energy efficiency of a washing machine, air conditioner, or any other electrical appliance you may have in your company. But do you know what it really means to be efficient in your business and how to achieve it?

Broadly speaking, an appliance, process, or installation is energy efficient when it consumes less than the average amount of energy to perform an activity.

Therefore, efficiency and energy savings go hand in hand. If you achieve this, as a result, you will also save part of your fixed costs.

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Energy efficiency and business

Companies are looking for ways to become more efficient. And some business models are approached from the outset under the prism of sustainability and efficiency.

This is a relevant issue, especially if we take into account that according to the 9th Energy Efficiency Index in SMEs of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, companies have an energy saving potential of 24.2%.

Approximately one third of this percentage (8.8%) corresponds to lighting savings. The rest, to other energy uses (machinery, air conditioning, etc.).

In sectors such as laundries, implementing efficient processes means consuming between 30 and 40% less energy each month.

In addition to savings, energy efficiency in a laundry or any other business has other benefits:

Limits CO₂ emissions. Reducing energy consumption limits greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to the fight against climate change.

Maximize productivity: Companies that are more efficient end up being more productive, as cost savings enable them to be more competitive in the marketplace.

Promotes technological innovation. Greater energy efficiency is linked to more technological resources Investing in innovation is always worthwhile, and has medium- to long-term benefits.

Reduces energy dependence. Efficient companies minimize the use of fossil fuels. This model implies less dependence on third parties and on energy price fluctuations in the market.

Increases job security. Companies that make changes to their machinery in search of greater energy efficiency replace or overhaul their old equipment, minimizing the risk of leaks and failures in their activity.

Promotes Corporate Social Responsibility Efficient companies project a positive brand image to their clients, employees, collaborators, suppliers, etc.  This is a differential value and an advantage over its competitors.

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3 ways to save if you own a laundry

Achieving greater energy savings and efficiency in a laundry is easier than you think. Here are some tips:

Know and optimizes the washing process

Having clear processes is important in any business.

In the case of laundries, learning which cleaning product to use and when to use it is basic to obtain a better wash and reduce water and energy consumption.

Let’s use an example.  Powder detergents tend to be used more for washing white garments because they contain bleach (with some exceptions); while liquid detergents are used for both white and colored fabrics, without any distinction.

The difference? With powder detergents, we will have to use more product.

In addition, liquid laundry products dissolve earlier, which results in shorter wash cycles and, therefore, less water consumption.

As for the fabric softener, it brings freshness and a pleasant smell to the garments. But it also reduces wrinkles and the stiffness of textiles, which facilitates the ironing process and saves time and energy.

If you open a Mr Jeff you have this step covered, as we have developed an optimal washing process in terms of energy efficiency and time savings, without sacrificing a perfect finish.


Have energy efficient machinery

Achieving greater efficiency in a business involves incorporating efficient equipment.

The efficiency of laundry machinery is indicated on its product sheet. One of the keys to increasing the energy efficiency of a washing machine is not to overload it.

Experts recommend leaving a gap (the width of your hand) between the top of your wash and the drum to allow the clothes to move and the wash to be effective. We are talking about washing using 75-85% of the total load. This margin should be greater if the clothes are particularly dirty.

Other tips to ensure the efficiency of your washing machine are:

  • Use quality products.
  • Avoid unnecessary re-washing.
  • Perform preventive maintenance (to minimize the risk of leaks, clogged pipes, etc.).
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

At all our Mr Jeff locations we use efficient machines and we tell you where and how to get the right washing machines and how to execute the whole process in the right way.


Involve all personnel

Energy efficiency and saving should be part of your company's philosophy, and your entire laundry staff should be familiar with these concepts.

It is especially important to convey to your employees the procedures and the use of cleaning products in a precise manner, with what this can imply in terms of sustainability and savings.

Some tips to achieve this goal are:

  • Explain the advantages of energy efficiency in the laundry from a functional and daily work point of view.
  • Encourages continuous training.
  • Be assertive and listen to their proposals.


This is how we commit to savings at Mr Jeff

At Mr Jeff we are aware of the need to focus on energy efficiency in our laundry facilities, that's why we improve our processes to achieve maximum savings.

Some of the measures we have taken in this regard are as follows:

  1. We do not use dry cleaning machinery.  This type of washing consumes much more energy than conventional water washing. 
  2. We slightly reduce the wash temperature. Due to the chemicals we use, this action allows us to save up to 40% of energy without altering the final result of the service.
  3. We optimize washing machine loads to consume less energy and have shorter wash cycles.

If you are thinking of opening a laundry and you want it to be efficient, Mr Jeff is the right choice. Do you want to find out everything you need to know to open your laundry franchise? Contact us.

Discover how to open your own laundromat

Edu Crovetto
Edu Crovetto

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