Top 10 profitable franchises to buy in Egypt

December, 4 2020

Top Franchise Opportunities in Egypt

Throughout the last number of decades the world has witnessed gradual and dramatic changes in the trend of how we work due to a number of reasons such as, but not limited to higher levels of competition in the marketplace, advances in information technology and other technological developments, increasing forces of globalisation and also aspects of demographic changes.

Changes in how we work and in the perception of working have included; people focusing more on their lifestyle habits and prioritizing this first, workers opting for part-time or reduced working hours, or even quitting the coporate life and starting out on their own. It has become increasingly more popular to follow what you love rather than the traditional work force and climbng the coporate ladder. 

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These changes do not mean that careers are put on hold or going to university is no longer necessary but rather that people are following the life that they want to and writing their own rule book. 

One increasinly popular alternative to the corporate life is franchising. Franchising is an option for those looking to start their own business and become self-employed. Here in this article we will list the top 10 profitable franchises to buy in Egypt.  


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What are the top 10 profitable franchises in Egypt?

1. Mr Jeff - Laundry Service 

This our first pick in the Top 10 profitable franchises to buy in Egypt. Mr Jeff was first introduced as an innovative solution to free consumers all over the world of the most hated chore; laundry. The business model consists of a physical laundry store combined with an online platform. Furthermore the model includes the Jeff app, allowing consumers to order their laundry service online and have it delivered to their store.When you invest in a Jeff franchise the company gives you an innovative business model with efficient and streamlined processes to allow you to manage your business with ease. This makes it very easy to run your business, especially if you are managing more than one store. 


2. Beauty Jeff - Hair & Nail Salons

Another one of our top picks in the Top 10 profitable franchises to buy in Egypt is Beauty Jeff. This franchise also falls under the Jeff umbrella brand. Beauty Jeff franchises have optimized processes which allows you to not have to depend on the hairdresser, increase attendance by 26% and double productivity with respect to the traditional salon. This is a great oppotunity to enter the beauty industry and be your own boss. 



3. Fit Jeff - Boutique Gym Franchises:

This is the third option in our top 10 profitable franchises in Egypt. The company vision for this franchise is to become the biggest Fitness Club in the world. Their aim is to improve the experience of getting fit through the participation of customers in a community backed by the latest technology and sports science. Driven by the Jeff app, customers can book their classes all through the app without having to wait around. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a profitable franchise in Egypt to kick start your entrepreneur journey. 


4. Relax Jeff - Massage Centres :

Our fourth pick in the top 10 profitable franchises to buy in Egypt is the final vertical under the Jeff umbrella brand; Relax Jeff. Relax Jeff democratizes the massage services by changing the way people consume relax. This franchise offers short-term massages, focused on user experience, accessibility and closeness. This is a great industry to start your franshie business in as with the consumer day to day life becoming more and more hectic and less time to spend gettig 90 minute massages, this concept offers a solution to a true consumer need. 


5. Dunkin´ Donuts : Coffee & Donuts 

Dunkin' is a market leader in the coffee, donut, bagel and muffin categories with over 13,000 locations in 41 countries. This is a good option if you have a passion for coffee and looking to make a decent profit. 



6. Wayback Burgers: Food Industry 

This franchise started out in the US and as part of their international expansion, the franachise is available to buy in Egypt. They have over 160 restaurants open so far and are currently developing more across the globe. 



7. Sbarro - Pizza Franchise:

This is the world 6th largest pizza restaurant chain. The company has been aorund for 60 years with a proven track record. They have international presence across 31 countries. This is a good option if your a passionate about having your own restaurant and looking for a profitable franchise in Egypt.

8. Home Helpers - Home Care:

Home Helpers franchise is a low-cost, home-based, recession-resistant business providing quality care for others while giving you as the franchisee the lifestyle you’ve wanted. If you are passionate about giving back to society this is a geat way to start a business incorporating your passion. 

9. KidsDevelop - Education for Children:

KidsDevelop is a chain of business schools and city camps for kids between the ages of 7 to 17 years old. The students get an opportunity to immerse themselves into a business environment which includes practical activities in the offices and factories of partner companies. This is one the list of the top 10 profitable franchises opportunity in Egypt, especially if you are looking to get into education and work with children. 

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10. Asteco - Real Estate Industry:

This company has shaped and advised on many areas of Real Estate in the UAE and beyond and this is our final pick in the top 10 profitable franchises to buy in Egypt. Their reputation is built on transparency, honesty and integrity. They are recognised as the largest independent Real Estate Services company in the Middle East and we have become one of the most recognised Real Estate brands in the region. This franchise option is good for anyone looking to launch their career in property. 

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