Top 10 most profitable franchises in South Africa to invest

October, 5 2020

What franchises are for sale in South Africa and which ones are the 10 most profitable to invest in...

  1. JEFF

  2. KFC 

  3. NANDOS 




  7. UPS 




Franquicias multiunidad jeff

Why this is the year to invest in a franchise in South Africa 

Franchising is an opportunity for aspiring investors and entrepreneurs to own their own business, while being backed and supported by a successful business enterprise. Following the economic downturn caused by the global COVID 19 pandemic, franchising offers the best, low risk opportunity for entrepreneurs in South Africa, where the franchising industry contributes over 13% to the country's overall GDP, a staggering amount. Despite the effect on the economy the pandemic has had, franchising offers a very low risk business venture for south africans looking for growth opportunities and returns above the global average.  

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Benefits of owning a franchise in South Africa

  • Franchising is the fastest growing industry in South Africa, there are over 500 concepts to choose from 

  • A franchise business that is growing like Jeff franchise for example offers huge opportunities such as outlet expansion and employment opportunities 

  • Business knowledge and training from the experts

  • Achieving funding is not as difficult as getting funding to start your own business from scratch 

  • Not vulnerable to global market shifts 


How to choose the most profitable and the best franchise opportunity that's right for you 

The top 3 franchises to invest in out of the 10 most profitable franchises in South Africa 


1. Jeff - The modern day to day services app that's revolutionizing the franchise world

Jeff is a service platform created to make users enjoy the Good, Good Life by providing them with services to make them look good, feel good and live good through the use of technology and the perfect integration of the online and offline worlds.

They offer different franchise opportunities so that interested investors can choose the ones that best fits them.

  • Mr Jeff franchises: on demand home delivery laundry and dry cleaning service with a subscription model.

  • Beauty Jeff franchises: salons with optimized processes which increase productivity, salon capacity and reduced customer waiting times.

  • Fit Jeff franchises: social, personalized fitness sessions in a pleasant but optimized fitness center that motivates users, optimizes the entire space and offers the most popular classes 

  • Relax Jeff franchises: short, focused massages with a “take a turn” system that allows users to include a relaxing massage in their daily busy routine.


00 Mr Jeff -  Newsletter Motivación. Acciones COVID - Template FINAL


Why choose a Jeff Franchise?

Besides the fact that Jeff is one of the most profitable franchises in South Africa, there are also other factors that make Jeff one of the best opportunities 

  • Technology: Consumers can use Jeff app to manage their laundry orders or book a beauty treatment, fitness class or a relaxing massage. In this way, they are more convenient for both the franchise and the consumer, achieving higher order recurrence.

  • Processes and support for the Partner: Jeff has a team of professionals to help you set up and scale the business. The team includes entrepreneurs who have already been successful in these sectors, so we can offer opportunities with proven knowledge and experience.

  • Marketing: Jeff has an exceptional marketing team. With professionals coming from companies such as Uber, Coca-Cola and Google.

  • Cross-selling: Jeff facilitates cross-selling among the different business models so that users that consume one service (laundry, beauty, fitness or relax) will get discounts and special treatments if they use other services. 

  • Finance and profitability: Jeff business models and cost structures are optimized to be as capital efficient as possible, with lower startup costs than the average franchise in the industry.

We think that Jeff is the best opportunity for interested investors in a franchise right now, the company has seen incredible growth and success in a very short time!


2. Globbing 

GLOBBING is another profitable franchise in South Africa. It creates a new shopping culture that doesn’t recognize obstacles, boundaries and limits and gives people freedom to shop on their own terms.

Online shopping is one of the most common online activities worldwide but the usage differs by country and region due to certain local and regional restrictions and boundaries.

This startup's mission is that no matter where they live, people should have the  access to take advantage of the best opportunities that today’s shopping world offers. So they have created solutions and tools that help people to be an international shopper and shop without the boundaries.

Why invest in a globbing franchise 

  • The company offers two methods of delivery: by air and by land/sea. Average delivery time by air is 7 days.

  • The company operates warehouses in 7 countries (USA, UK, Germany, China, Russia, UAE, Italy).

  • 78% market share 

  • 2.14B online shoppers in 2021

  • The company registered 35x growth in volumes in just two years.

  • Franchise fee gives you the use of the brand name, market research, training and support.


3. Nandos 

Our third choice is in food service, Nando’s restaurant.  Nandos pride themselves on their relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and good food. All food can be eaten in, taken away or ordered online.

If you are looking to open a food service franchise in South Africa, Nando’s provides a full turnkey package to investors that includes access to a full comprehensive training programme, its proven systems of operation, business know-how and supply chain. Insider expert support is also provided throughout the duration of the franchise agreement.

However there are strict restrictions when it comes to owning such a franchise, all Nando’s franchisees are owner-operators, so they have a hands-on role in their business and must agree to  a tried and tested system of operation, adhering at all times with the terms set out in the franchise agreement.

They must make sure service levels remain high in all aspects of the franchise, conduct their own regular local marketing to promote the restaurant, maintain good relations within their communities and manage their staff to an effective standard.

Why invest in a Nandos franchise 

Nando's brand is a well established global brand and the company has all the building blocks in place that are required of a successful franchise opportunity.

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