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February, 25 2020




Jeff is a technological company that has revolutionized the franchise industry combining the online and offline world. Daily services are provided through their supper app in a refreshing and efficient way, Jeff is the architect of The Good Good Life. What is "The Good Good Life?" well, the process is at follows: users enjoy their life by doing whatever they feel like while Jeff takes care of the daily tasks people are not fund of doing. All in just one click. Isn't it amazing?!

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What es a Jeff Franchise?

Jeff has achieved to become more than a Super App, they have entered the omnichannel world. It is a platform of well-being services, an ecosystem of specialists who enhance the lives of our customers. The aim of the company is to return to the brick and mortar era and give back to neighborhoods what the digital age has taken from them, creating employment and opportunities.  The beauty behind this supper app is that it is not about choosing between brick and mortar or technology, but helping each other to provide the best experience to its users. They reconnect the small business with technology and ensure that the money remains in the neighborhoods, creating a local impact. The aim is to continue providing well-being services to our customers in all our specialties, current and future.

Why is it a business opportunity worthy of your investment?

Jeff is the fastest growing franchise in the world. In only 2 years, they already are on the  Top 60 global franchises, and they will go further! They have a network of customers loyal to the brand.  Jeff franchise business opportunity covers all possible sale channels, you can sell directly from your physical store, from the app or website. They are able to reach everyone thanks to our great online and offline marketing strategy. Below you will find some of the reasons of why to be part of Jeff

  • Innovative Concept:

    Technology, brand and progress, the pillars to their success.

  • Marketing and Communication:

    The franchisees will receive support in managing Public Relations, Internal Communication, Social Networks, Online and Online Marketing, among others.

  • Training:

    The employees have access to training and all the necessary information.

  • Management Systems:

    Jeff is able to provide management computer systems to support each of its business.

  • Design and Retail:

    Before, during and after the opening of the store, Jeff and its large team support and avise the owner because of their success experience.

Jeff is a profitable franchise because its more than an app, it is the super app that helps people find their daily services in the same place and as fast as one click. Below you will find some of the macroeconomic services Jeff already provides and also, the future services it will provide:

  • Choice of services
  • Reservations / Turns
  • Geolocation to the nearest Jeff Stores.
  • Real time metrics
  • Customer Information
  • Mobile Payment (coming soon) 

Jeff Franchise Specialities and Cross-selling Strategy

What is the benefit of having all in one place? Jeff franchise innovative business has all its services together, helping the business to be constantly exposed to new customers. For example:

  • With a Plan S subscription, there will be a 30% discount on any Beauty service for the first month.
  • When you choose the most popular service, you get a 30% discount on the Mr Je Plan S laundry subscription
  •  as well as Fit Je for the first month.
  • With a monthly Fitness rate, you get a 30% discount on Mr Je - Laundry Plan S, or any beauty service. 

Cross-selling and again in one place! Not only do they provide the daily services in one app, but also, if people would like to use another service, they wouldn't need to get off the app! Literally, users have everything they need in just one click.

jef good business opportunity



1. Mr Jeff

mr jeff laundry business opportunityWith this speciality Jeff has managed to revolutionize a sector as traditional as laundry. With just a few clicks they take care of picking up, washing, ironing and delivering r clothes to wherever the user wants.

They have designed stores to maximize productivity and offer the best services in a pleasant environment.



2. Beauty Jeff

beauty jeff beauty business opportunitySmart beauty is based on salons focused on day-to-day services, which translates into high recurrence, offering the services that people need most, with simples the processes and management the franchise business.

There is no need to depend on a hairdresser, the attendance will increase by 26% and double the productivity in relation to a traditional salon.


3. Fit Jeff

fit jeff fitness boutique business opportunity

Creating oasis centers which offer a great experience in a lovely atmosphere: an oasis in the city, very different from the traditional dark, grey gym. 


The key to success: over the most popular activities and a model of standardized classes creating a social environment in a global community.


Jeff franchise innovative business is a great business opportunity mainly because of its uniqueness. It is a fact that it is the best way to invest your money, there is no one else in the market that provides daily services and does cross-selling in the same place. Why day-to-day services? Think about it, they are services that will not end! Everybody needs to wash their clothes, cut their hair and take care of themselves can you imagine having all of your franchises in just one app? Something never seen before.

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