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August, 3 2022

At Jeff we've got one thing clear: the most important thing for us is to reduce barriers and facilitate access to entrepreneurship for all people who really want to open a Jeff business. And what is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs often face? Capital,

This is how Jeff Capital was born, our new product with which you will be able to access up to 140,000 R to boost the growth of your Jeff business through marketing campaigns without losing capital yourself.  Only Jeff business owners will be able to access this capital, which can be invested for the pre-opening campaign and the first months' campaigns.

We are confident in the success of our businesses and the tools we provide you with to manage them. That is why we venture ourselves in providing you with the capital you need, with the best conditions and without intermediaries or third parties.

Find out how to apply for Jeff Capital

Discovering Jeff Capital

Jeff Capital is a new product with which we have decided to accompany our entrepreneurs more than ever during the first stages of pre-opening and opening of their Jeff center. Going into more detail, entrepreneurs who opt for Jeff Capital will have access to 140,000 R, an amount that they will receive in two payments, without intermediaries.

"Currently, 92% of SMEs and small entrepreneurs, like Jeff's, do not have access to financing. To fix this, we launched Jeff Capital from our own platform. This way, we'll be able to support the growth of the various establishments and, at the same time, contribute to our own growth," explains Francesc Minoves, Jeff's CFO and Managing Director of Jeff Capital. Jeff thus becomes the first major entrepreneurship platform in Spain to launch this service for its entrepreneurs.

In this initial phase, Jeff Capital will promote the growth of Mr Jeff and Fit Jeff in Spain, Chile, Mexico and South Africa. However, the goal is to cover all business models and international markets in the medium and long term.

Jeff Capital Conditions

Our main goal is to make your business work. That’s why we create the necessary circumstances for you to achieve success.

    • Interest-free repayment. Liquidity when you need it, with the best conditions.
    • Up to 12 months grace period.
    • Up to 48 months repayment term. You will be able to pay directly from the income generated in the Jeff App.
    • Quicker and simpler process. No intermediaries or third parties.
    • Repayment in two monthly installments. For a total of 96 payments.

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Where to invest the capital

Quite simple: Into your marketing strategy. We want you to start generating profits as soon as possible and accelerate your break-even point. Therefore, the capital will be used to prepare a powerful pre-opening and to create marketing campaigns during the first months of business.

Some examples of marketing actions you can bet on are:

  • Advertising on social networks (Facebook, Instagram,...)
  • Pre-opening or opening tarpaulin for the premises
  • Flyers
  • Google ads
  • And everything you need to launch you into the world!

But why invest in marketing? We know that one of the things that worries you the most is starting a business and not getting clients. This is exactly where online and offline marketing comes into play: it's what will allow you to become visible and earn income.

We go a step further and guide you in your investment

To start a business with Jeff you don't need to be an expert in the business sector, much less in marketing. For this reason, in addition to the capital, we provide you with the knowledge and technology necessary for you to create your own marketing campaigns and actions. 

  • Marketing Playbook. Marketing strategies, action plans, metrics, specific actions for each moment of your business... All you need to know at your fingertips so you can start attracting and retaining customers. 
  • Chatbot. Thanks to this Artificial Intelligence tool, we will be able to analyze your Jeff business and propose the best actions to achieve your goals.

Jeff Cloud An innovative platform with which you can design all the graphic and multimedia material you need, based on intuitive templates created for non-designers.  Flyers, posters, advertisements, social media posts, etc.

Do you want to know if you are eligible for Jeff Capital? Remove any doubt

If you liked what you've read so far, you're in luck! We are looking for people with an entrepreneurial soul like you who are interested in Jeff's business model to apply for Jeff Capital. Do you want to know if you might be one of them? Ask us for information and let's get started.

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Gerrit Strydom
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