Investment in India: Best Franchise Business Opportunities in India

February, 25 2020

Investing. Many people think investing is just putting a certain amount of capital into a project, sit down and wait for the money to come, but that is not it. Investment is about making a strategy, work everyday, analyzing and earn perks. It is so much more than just to sit down and wait for the money to come. It does require to put a certain amount of capital into a project.    But:

Which project?

How much money?

How to know if it will work or not?

People need to invest in a project that is known to succeed; this is why a huge part of investment, the most important one is to analyze, think and plan. Investors need to have a required amount of knowledge in order to make the correct decision and not loose money.

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Investing money allows it (by "it" meaning the ROI) to grow, therefore investing (in the right project) makes your money grow (double? triple?).

new franchise opportunity

Most investments return money over the long term, allowing the money to build and create wealth over time. When looking for pictures that represent investment, there are many pictures of trees and coins... ever asked why? Because investment is like taking care of a plant (or tree), it requires water, patience and it grows (or gives results) over time.

Patience and taking care of the project invested in, but this is why the brain is required, because when betting the money on the wrong project may lead unwanted results such as loosing a big amount of money. There has to be a strategy behind, a business plan that in a certain way gives security that the business and investment will succeed. 

In the following article, some of the best franchise business in India will be listed and the reasons of why investing in a franchise is a great way of making money and creating a profitable tomorrow.

Many people see India as a place with no future business-wise but the reality is that as a matter of fact, India is  one of the fastest growing economies, offers plenty of investment opportunities across various sectors. Many economic studies say that India might be poised to overtake China in the future, as it has a rapidly growing population and a very dynamic economy that could take over China an become the largest in the world. And this is why investors are looking at India, a country that has positive demographics and is a rapidly growing economy is a "must invest in".


The country's 2019 economic statistics included:

Gross domestic product (GDP) GDP real growth rate GDP per capita Unemployment rate Inflation rate (CPI)
$3 trillion 6.8% $2,041 6.1% 3.18%


India is  one of the fastest growing economies, offers plenty of investment opportunities across various sectors.


Investment in India: Which is the best franchise to invest in India?

India has many sectors to take advantages from, below some of the best franchise business opportunities options (ranked by popularity and return of investment) to be considered.

1. Hero Moto Corp:

best franchise to invest in India now


Formerly known as Hero Honda Motors Limited, it is the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers.The total investments of starting a franchise of Hero Moto Corps including the setup area and other expenses will be somewhere nearer to 1.5  Cr.

2. Reelooking:

Leading beauty and slimming brand, which offers a range of beauty, skin and hair care services as well as skin treatments.

3. Green Trends:

They are the pioneers in offering a full range of grooming solutions for "eco" people at affordable rates. For people to start a franchise, they must have an investment capacity of Rupees 30 to 50 Lac.

4. Ross Warner Hr Solutions:

This is a certified HR services provider, one of the most extensive industry in the international recruitment. 

5. Mr Jeff:

Focusing on making the customer's life easier, Mr Jeff is a laundry and dry-cleaning app just by one click, solves the horrible task of doing laundry.


    6. Innov8:

This is a workspace brand, Innov8 is a premium coworking space for entrepreneurs, professionals and other people looking for an organized space to operate. 

7. Danzofit:

This is Indias first Dance Fitness Brand! People say it is a unique high-intesity workout because it has everything it is a fun, effective & innovative" way to do exercise.

8. Hansini:

Premium diamond jewelry brand looking for franchise partners. How does it work? Well, the company offers unique designs to its customers to choose from.



franchise business india

Hero Moto Corp

Imagen relacionadaGreen Trends

Resultado de imagen de Innov8 india


Resultado de imagen de Danzofit india


Resultado de imagen de Hansini india


Required Investment 1.5 Cr.  Rupees 30-50 Lac Rupees 2 to 5 Crore. Rupees 30 to 50 Lac Rupees 5 Crore and above.
Where in India? Dharuhera, Gurgaon, Neemrana, Haridwar and Halo Tami Nadu, Odisha, Andrha Pradesh (and the list continues!) Delhi Kalyani nagar, Aundh Lucknow, Mumbai



How to evaluate franchise opportunities?

As listed above, there are many different types of franchises, from laundry and beauty salons, to automobile franchises. The key to success is, first of all improve your investment skills to be prepared, then you can follow your passion, work hard, and be open minded to have clear the opportunities and the markets needs. 

That is the key, but putting the feelings apart, what an investor should also focus on is if the franchise be long-term. The meaning of this is investing on something that people know it has a future. Put laundry and dry-cleaning, why is it a good franchise to invest in? Well because people will always need to do laundry. 

Do franchises make money in India?

That is a question many people ask themselves and others before investing in anything. The answer is yes. Actually according to Economictimes, the franchise segment contributed to almost 4% of India's GDP and it is expected to be worth Rs 4,00,000 crore by 2020. But people have to keep in mind that it is not only the sectors" choice, as stated before, it also depends on how the person makes it work and does his/her job.


People have to know that starting a franchise is a great decision in India, considering its rapid economic growth. Focus on sectors such as Laundry, food and beauty (or any others in which you see that they will not "end" easily); and of course, follow your passion.

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