How to build a successful franchise step by step

July, 9 2021

There are thousands of options for setting up a franchise, some more expensive, some cheaper, some more profitable and successful. But there are also franchises where the buying and opening processes are simpler than others, like Jeff, one of the franchises that requires less paperwork to be your own boss and start a business with proven success.

Once you have made the decision to set up a franchise and be financially independent, there are some steps you must follow until the franchise is open and operational.

The following steps are the same for all of our franchises: laundry, beauty, fitness or relax.

Discover how to open your own business

How to set up a franchise step by step

We know that all long procedures are a waste of time. That is why we always try to make our processes simpler for the benefit of our franchisees. 

Here we show you the steps you must follow to set up your Jeff franchise:

1. Fill in your details

The first step is to register through the form. Click on the button and complete all the necessary information so we know which franchise you are interested in, what your budget is, which country you are in, etc.

2. Jeff advice

Once you have submitted your information, one of our advisors will contact you soon after. In this step, our specialists will give you all the necessary information and answer any questions about the franchise you are interested in, such as the advantages of each sector, other franchisees’ success stories, prices, expected profitability, app operation, advice on which areas are the most suitable and recommended and many other factors that may influence the success of the business.

3. Selecting the area and premises

After our specialists have advised you on which areas are available and the most recommended, it’s up to you to choose in which area you want to set up your franchise and the ideal location. Our advisors will give you certain requirements that the premises must comply with.

4. Validate data

In this step we validate all the data and proceed to the signing of the contract. Welcome, you are now a Jeff partner! One of the largest franchises in the world with more than 2,000 stores in over 43 countries and on 4 continents.

5. Jeff Academy

In our Jeff Academy we will immerse you in all the information and know-how of the business and franchises so that you can start on the right foot. We will train you in all the tools we use, teach you the things you should do and, according to our experience, what is better not to do, and which steps you need to follow. A whole SUPERGUIDE to being successful and not making mistakes in this new stage of entrepreneurship and business. 

6. Adapting the premises

Once again, because we’re always thinking of our partners, we use the turnkey model. This consists of handing over the premise ready to open. You simply have to secure the premise in the area you want to operate in, the rest is dealt with by the franchisor (remodeling, implementation with supplies and machinery, decoration, etc.) 

➡️ Emiliano tells us about his experience of opening his Mr Jeff franchise in Barcelona



7. Opening! Enjoy the success

Congratulations. The time has come for the inauguration and opening of your franchise.


What is a franchise?

A Franchise is understood to be the relationship between two parties, in which one of the parties pays a certain amount of money to the other in exchange for the right to use its brand. 

This type of contract allows the franchisor to grant a license to the franchisee for not only the exploitation of the brand already consolidated in a market, but also to use its business model, using the brand to be able to distribute goods and / or services under specific guidelines that the franchisor may have in exchange for a series of financial compensation.

Advantages of setting up a franchise

Setting up a franchise has more pros than cons. Among the most important benefits is that you avoid risks since it is a business tested and proven by other entrepreneurs; you invest in a consolidated brand, the investment is lower than starting a business from scratch. 

Setting up a franchise is a profitable business

It’s proven, and this is stated by the Spanish Association of Franchisors in its report The Franchise in Spain 2019 that this business model is one of the most profitable and safe on the market. 

The Spanish franchise reaches its 5th year of growth in all its variables: number of networks, establishments, jobs generated and turnover. - Spanish Association of franchises

According to the report, the franchises in Spain as a whole obtained in 2018 a turnover of 27,707.2 million euros in total, increasing by 0.4% the figure reached in 2017 of 27,592 million euros. It also employed 293,872 people, 14,921 more than in 2017, which represents an increase of 5.3%.

Setting up a franchise today is an excellent opportunity to be proactive and start your own business. 

Discover how to open your own business

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