Franchising 101

Franchise contract: what is it and what is it for?

Starting a business can be complicated if we do not have the right advice or if we are not clear about what steps to take at any given moment.  From Jeff we explain what a franchise agreement is and...
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For Entrepreneurs

Competitive analysis: What is it and how is it done

Starting a business involves effort, sacrifice, and dedication. It also requires a prior assessment of the sector's situation and a competitive analysis in order to understand the situation of the...
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Franchising 101

What you need to open a franchise

Franchising is an accessible business model that allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of the brand, business model and experience of a successful, well-established company.  This alternative can be...
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Interview with Mr Jeff franchisee, Alvaro Torres

Alvaro Torres has always been an entrepreneur. Since a young age, in addition to his job as a salesclerk, Alvaro has been committed to running his own business at the same time. In 2019 he had...
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Jeff News

Mr Jeff opens its first laundry hub in the Miami area

Mr Jeff, the international laundry specialized in wash & fold, dry-cleaning and ironing services has opened now in the Miami area.
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2 min read
Jeff News - Mar 7, 2022

Mr Jeff, awarded at the Global Franchise Awards 2022

Mr Jeff has received the award for "Best Lifestyle Franchise" at the Global Franchise Awards 2022. The awards were presented by Global Franchise Magazine on Friday, February 25th at a ceremony held in San Diego, California. Mr....
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10 min read
Laundry Business - Dec 20, 2021

Business Plan For The Laundry Industry [PDF]

In order to have a successful business, it is crucial to have a plan, a laundromat business plan. But, what exactly is  a business plan? What should be included? How to know if the steps are being followed? This is what this...
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11 min read
Franchising 101 - Dec 20, 2021

Franchise vs. Business owner: which one is better for me?

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13 min read

Franchising: 7 Ways to Improve a Franchise Management Strategy

Before getting into improvements it is important to understand. How can something that is not understood be improved? Right, it can't...
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8 min read
For Entrepreneurs - Feb 25, 2020

What business can I start with less than $100k? - Guide

Many people believe that expensive = good, expensive jewelry, cars, clothes, and so on. The same thing happens with business, if it's an expensive business then it is valuable and high-quality. But is it true? On many occasions...
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