Interview with Sergio Cubero, Fit Jeff franchisee

September, 20 2022

Sergio Cubero describes himself as a very normal person who decided to turn his life around and pursue his dream of starting a family business. A few weeks ago, we had the great pleasure of having him at our headquarters in Valencia during Jeff Week to learn more about his experience.

Today, in this new installment of Sharing Experiences, our partner from Valencia tells us his story with Fit Jeff and what his greatest personal satisfaction has been since he started his project.

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Tell us Sergio, what's your story with Jeff?

Well, the story is about a very normal person. After all, people who invest their money, entrepreneurs, are very normal people.

I started at a very large company, but four years ago, I decided to turn my life around. That's when I decided to become self-employed. My job has never been related to the Jeff world. In fact, in my everyday life, I'm an economist, a financial expert. I work for other companies. But I had one thing clear: I wanted to start a family business. And that's what I've done together with Fit Jeff.

My goal was to leave a promising future for my children. One of them is finishing a master's degree in physical education right now, which is why I looked into the fitness vertical. Apart from the fact that I saw a lot of potential in the business model, I want to leave my son a business that he can take over once we're able to establish it a bit more.  Right now, we've been up and running for a year and three months, we're meeting our objectives every month and, although there's a lot of turnover of people coming and going, we're growing.

That's my story: I had been wanting to start a business for years, Jeff gave me the opportunity, and I mustered up the courage and took the plunge. And now I have a thriving business to leave to my children.


What stood out to you the most about Jeff?

Well, there were several things that caught my attention. The first thing was that the founder was a normal guy, like me, from Valencia. A young man who went to study somewhere and had a great idea of what we know today as Jeff.

Once they started telling me more about the project in the initial interviews, I also noticed that Jeff specialized in laundromats and that it was an international company with hubs around the world.

But finally, what stood out the most to me was that there's a great structure behind the company, that there are many of you working for us. And, to tell you the truth, there in a corner of Valencia, we can't believe that we're working with all of you supporting us. We didn't know we were so important haha

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What has been your greatest personal satisfaction?

The most beautiful thing that has happened to me was making a child smile. Let me explain: we have classes for children at 5:30. One day they met with the trainer and called me saying they wanted to show me a performance they had prepared for me. And with that, to tell you the truth, I think it gave me enough energy for the next year. In the end, the most important thing is the people and seeing how the children had been practicing for that performance filled me with emotion.

Another thing that has been a great satisfaction for me is that I've created jobs, even though it also scares me. Right now, there are several people and families that depend on me, on my business, and on us doing well. Each of these people has expectations in life and now I feel responsible for them. That's something that encourages me to work hard every day. As an entrepreneur, I'd like to continue to grow and be able to open more centers, and that means more jobs and more families who can live this great adventure with us.

However, for me, total satisfaction must happen on a daily basis. Because things happen every day, and we must try to make things happen every day, so that we can be satisfied with everything we've created.

This is the end of the interview with Sergio Cubero, Fit Jeff partner in Patraix (Valencia). We hope you enjoyed learning about his story and his experience as a Jeff franchisee.

Are you thinking about opening a franchise and feel that Fit Jeff could be an exciting option for you? Let’s talk.

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