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Best Franchise Opportunities to Buy in Thailand this year

กุมภาพันธ์, 25 2020

The franchise business model is an advantageous model for both for the part that sells the business license and for the part who buys it. Compared to starting a new company, this option offers a higher degree of security for the business owner as he will rely on an already tested business model.


Do you want your own Jeff franchise?


Thailand's franchising business is thriving, more than 500 international franchises came to Thailand last year to locate their brands, so the franchise opportunities in the country are growing exponentially.

Thai experts identified 576 franchise concepts in 2018, representing 5% year-on-year growth in the last months, according to the Thai Franchise Association report.  Franchise revenue was $7 billion in 2018, the number of franchise business in Thailand is expected to have been increased in a 10% in 2019 .

franchise opportunities thailand



Opening a new business always implies different types of costs and in some business sectors, this decision includes a big number of business risks. When opening a franchise in Thailand, the franchisee is not doing business by himself but  he has the support of al already tested business model and, depending on the franchisor, he will also have access to training and support.

There are a big amount of franchise opportunities in Thailand, from retail to laundry franchise business are established in the country. Thailand’s growing affluence and the increasing popularity of international products enhance the growth for the franchise business in Thailand.  In addition to offering products and services that are liked and striking by Thai consumers, and having a solid partner's support on the part of the franchisors is something that facilitates the good functioning of the business and therefore, the success of it.

Franchising is a simple way to have your own business, but is not always so easy. You have to keep in mind that you will have to invest your time, make hard decisions and work very hard to keep your company going,

"In Thailand, franchises tend to be some of the best businesses around. So if you are considering starting a business in Thailand you should consider the franchise opportunities in the country as an option." - Thailand law, 'Franchising in Thailand'

Franchising business format is not new in Thailand, today, there are currently more than 400 franchisors and more than 10,000 franchisees in the country. Most franchise operations take place in the food and restaurant sector, followed by services, education, and retailing, according to the Thai Department of Internal Trade.

If there are so many options:

How we can decide if a franchise business is profitable?

We have to consider the five pillars of the top franchises to open:

  1. Cost and fees

     - Franchise fee
     - Total investment
     - Royalty fees
  2. Size and growth

     - Open and operating units
     - Growth rate
     - Closures
  3. Support

     - Training times
     - Marketing support
     - Operation support
     - Franchise infrastructure
     - Financing availability
     - Litigation
  4. Brand strength

     - Social media
     - System size
     - Years in business
     - Years franchising
  5. Financial strength and stability

     - Franchisor's audited financial statements
laundry franchise business


Do you want your own Jeff franchise?


According to this five pillars...


What are the best franchise Opportunities in Thailand?


Franchise Opportunities in Thailand

1. Food Franchises

  • N&B Pancake
  • Chester's

2. Entertainment Franchises

  • Tapout Fitness

3. Retail Franchises

  • Healthy YOU Vending

4. Cleaning Franchises

  • Mr Jeff

Franchise opportunities
are plenty in Thailand. There are a lot of business sectors in which there are franchising companies that you can buy for good prices, you just have to choose in which sector are you interested to invest, of course considering all the features as the trainings, support, and the opened and operating units of the company, not just the price.

This are the best franchise opportunities in Thailand this year:


1. Cleaning Franchises

  • Mr Jeff

Mr Jeff  is a Spanish startup that was created in 2015. It offers laundry and dry cleaning services at home. Its technological base allows to design an efficient business model that puts in relation to service providers with plaintiffs. 

Do you want your own Jeff franchise?


2. Food Franchises

food franchise business

  • N&B Pancake

N&B Pancake offers thin & crispy crepes with different flavors. The company was founded in 1998 by Khun Boonprasert Pompan and Khun Natthaya May Surin. The company also provides franchising opportunities. As of 2018, N&B Pancake operates 100+ franchises in Thailand. Initial investment: from $14,300, no franchise fee.

  • Chester's:

Chester's is a fast food restaurant chain that serves fried chicken. The company has its headquarters in Bangkok. The first restaurant was opened in 1988 under the name "Chester's Grill Chicken". The company also offers franchise opportunities. As of 2018, Chester's operates 100+ franchises in Thailand. Initial investment: from $22,270, Franchise Fee:$220Entertainment Franchises.


3. Entertainment Franchises

Tapout Fitness: 

Is a fast growing franchise company that offers Martial Arts infused fitness facilities for adults and children of all levels. Their clubs feature Tapout Fitness branded boxing, kickboxing, boot camp and high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes, which are complemented by some of today’s hottest group fitness programming. Initial investment $130,000, Franchise fee $50,000.

4. Retail Franchises

  • Healthy YOU Vending:

The nation’s largest supplier of healthy vending machines in the U.S. with over 1000+ Operators and thousands of healthy vending machines nationwide. The vending machines sell healthy snack and beverages offering the same type of products sold at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods but in single serve sizes. Initial investment: $30,000, no franchise fee.




Let's see the comparison:


N & B Pancakes




Tapout Fitness

Image result for Healthy You Vending

Healthy You Vending


Mr Jeff

Industry Food Food Entertainment Retail Cleaning
Initial investment (Dollars) 14,300 22,270 130,000 30,000 28,230
Initial investment (Baht) 450.000,00 682.798,20 3.985.800,00 919.800,00 865.658,57
Franchise Fee (Dollars) 0 220 0 50.000 0
Open and Operating Units 100+ Over 150 25 1000+ 1500+
Trainings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


It is possible to have a Laundry franchise in Thailand?

It is! The laundry franchise business is growing up internationally and investors know it. There are lots of laundry franchises for sale in Thailand an all over the world but just one combines the technology of the 21th century with what is a typical laundry.

Mr Jeff is a technological company that solves people's day to day problems such as doing laundry or ironing. It implements constant progress and improvement in all of its processes due to its commitment to continuously innovate.It is one of the companies with most success in the laundry sector having a new and innovative business model.


Do you want your own Jeff franchise?


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