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What business can I start with $30k? - Guide

Many people believe that expensive = good, expensive jewelry, cars, clothes, and so on. The same thing happens with business, if its an expensive business then it is valuable and high-quality. But is it true? In many occasions it is, but there are others in which is not. There are many valuable and high-quality business opportunities, the trouble is not the money, but the idea. People are now interested in uniqueness, looking for different and creative and innovative business to invest in. The following article will show you how to start a business with $30k USD or less, as well as the pillars of success.

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1.Door to Door Organics 
2. Jeff
3. BioMason


As a matter of fact, there are many successful business that require an investment of $30k USD or less.The new trend, especially in this year, is to be an entrepreneur, to be your own boss; this is due to the rise of the digital economy and our individualistic culture.

The tough part is not to find or have the money to start a business, the interesting part comes when finding the right business idea, the one meaning that can turn into something big, something with meaning that attracts others and has future in it. And if its a good one, 

it will turn out perfect, but think beyond.

investment ideas - dog walkingFor example dog walking, it may not seem as the best business idea at  first, but once people start running and see that it succeeds, you realize you can even build a dog walking agency, create an app, hire dog walkers, and build your puppy walking empire. 


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” - Walt Disney



Food is always a good idea! In this hectic days, when people don't have time to cook a door-to-door delivery service is a great business idea. Thanks to technology, there are now more and more businesses that allow customers to order food online or via an app. An example of this is kind of business is Door To Door Organics - which is an online grocer of natural and organic products that’s delivered to your home. The company started in 1997 for just $700 and is posting around $40 million in revenue.


Jeff is a technological company that has revolutionized the franchise industry combining the online and offline world. Daily services are provided through their supper app in a refreshing and efficient way, Jeff is the architect of The Good Good LifeWhat is "The Good Good Life?" well, the process is at follows: users enjoy their life by doing whatever they feel like while Jeff takes care of the daily tasks people are not fund of doing. All in just one click. 


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3. BioMason

People now know the consequences of pollution, climate change and the problems the environment is facing these days. More and more people are now conscious of the importance of recycling and green living so... why not make a business out of it? Building materials made to reduce climate change, waste and pollution are more attractive; as a matter of fact, off-grid living has bounced a lot in the past few years. This is because, as stated before, rising consumer interest in energy-efficient products is increasing the growth in this sector.

Numbers. BioMasonis an innovative startup that figured out how to make construction bricks without using the "Daily Prep" which burns around 30-40 tons of coal per year. Sustainable building materials currently amount $36 billion on the industry, which is expected to grow by 10.6% per year until 2021.


Company door-to-door-organics-logo Logo-Jeff-02-4 bioMason
Required Investment (Approximate) $25k $30k  $22k

Industry Value


$1.0 billion  $101 billion $36 billion


"What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed."   - David Thomas 

As you may see in the examples above, starting a business with 30k of capital is not hard if you know where to start it.

There are three key pillars to achieve this goal:

1) A unique idea

2) A growing market to make this idea grow

3) Strategy.

Explanation? A good idea will stay as a "dream" if there is no place and plan to implement it. If a person has a great idea but doesn't find the right market to implement it... it will be lost. It is crucial that once the idea is in someone's head, make research, talk to people that know about the market and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Great businesses started small, then there was market research, a lot of excel and calculations where done, and finally that "dream" became real. Anything came come true as long as it is well structured and implemented. ALWAYS dedicate time to make a concrete and reliable business plan.



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