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The best franchises to invest in during the crisis

Franchises have become one of the best, sustainable investment options over the years.   This is mainly because buying a franchise offers the investor a guarantee and security as they are buying...
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own business

Franchises to buy in the Philippines: Which is the best investment?

Franchising is an opportunity for aspiring investors and entrepreneurs to own their own business, while being backed and supported by a successful business enterprise. Do you want your own Jeff...
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new business

The advantages of investing in a franchise

Do you know what the advantages of investing in a franchise are? Do you know the benefits of this business model? When we are looking for the best place to invest our hard-earned savings, we must...
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Top 10 most profitable franchises in South Africa to invest

What franchises are for sale in South Africa and which ones are the 10 most profitable to invest in... JEFF KFC  NANDOS  MCDONALDS  GLOBBING STEERS UPS  MATHNASIUM MASTER DRAIN...
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The most profitable businesses to invest in after Covid-19

What are the most profitable franchises to invest in after Covid-19? Here's why it's best to invest in these types of sectors. Sectors that have the greatest user recurrence can be more profitable...
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franchise - Aug 7, 2020

Affordable and profitable franchises to invest

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has hit the economy hard on a global level. A recent study has shown that 20% more people, compared with past years, have set up their own businesses to combat the crisis, meaning many more are...
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franchises - Jul 21, 2020

Where to invest in times of crisis 2021 - Covid-19

As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, Jeff is now offering special benefits for those wishing to acquire a franchise under any of its four business lines : Mr Jeff laundry, Fit Jeff gyms, Beauty Jeff hairdressers, and Relax Jeff...
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new business - Feb 26, 2020

Low Investment High Profit New Business in the Asian Market

Nowadays Asia is one of the biggest goals for businesses all around the world. A recent global survey ranking countries from over 6,000 businesses says this is all thanks to the region’s rapidly evolving environment, good source...
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succesful - Feb 25, 2020

New Successful App Startups of the Last Decade

Today, startups are something quite common. Thousands of ideas receive the deserved attention and even funding thanks to this relatively new form of presenting unique business ideas that can relate pretty much to anything from...
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23 min read
business - Nov 18, 2019

Boutique Gyms: The business that is leading the fitness industry

Imagine going to a class that specializes in your favorite type of exercise, or blends a couple types of exercise that you love into one. You’re surrounded by energetic people in a social atmosphere where people know you. The...
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