Jeff Franchises Company

What do we offer?

Technology, Marketing and After-Sales Support



The Jeff family's main objective is to offer a 360 ° service for all franchisees who have chosen us.

We provide our own technical platform, developed by and for the customer. Our specialized team will accompany and advise the future franchisee, in all conserning marketing, advertising and after-sales support. This is to ensure the Store is managed well enough to achieve its expected success.

Our management platform will help you offer these services at your Jeff Store: order control, customer numbers and real-time information updates..

Our financial model is calculated according to each country so our Partners can rapidly recover their investment and breakeven in a few months. To do this, we have divided each city into different areas of exclusivity according to the needs of the market.

Jeff wants customers to free themselves from the tasks don't want to do, help them with what really matters and encourage them to discover new ways to enjoy life. All this through our monthly subscription plans or one-off services with the option of home delivery, through our APP and website. Our business idea is one of the most innovative!