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February, 24 2020

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The Mr Jeff franchise continues to be at the forefront of profitable investments in the international market. More than 1,000 franchises, which have opened in Latin America over the past year, are testament to this.

Each Mr Jeff Store offers its revolutionary laundry services to their customers, meaning nobody will do their laundry at home again!

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Investments with high return come from businesses that are committed to their operations

Investments with high return come from businesses that are committed to their operations. It is for this reason that Mr Jeff, as a business, is committed to the good work of its services and offers its future franchisees the opportunity to enjoy the Mr Jeff Business School. This is an intense, three day event that aims to train them in managing their business and to become successful.

Mr Jeff Business School

The Mr Jeff Business School is a three day training which covers all aspects of the business you need to know to be successful with the Mr Jeff franchise, including finance, marketing and the collection and delivery of orders. It is Mr Jeff’s own managers who are in charge of the training, and with all their experience, who better than them to educate the new Store managers?

 Investments with high return

The first day of training is focused on business management. The main objective is to show the Partners the company’s vision, the business model and their involvement as Partners in the functioning and success of the company on a global level. It is important to go in the same direction in order to triumph.

The managers of Mr Jeff personally facilitate this training which also focuses on the administration, control and financial strategy. To finish the day, the website, app and forecasts for product improvement are presented to the franchisee, i.e., the new features they can enjoy over the coming months. 

The second day of the Mr Jeff Business School is facilitated by the Operations and Product Manager. The focus is on the operational functioning of the Mr Jeff Store. During the first part of the day, the necessary equipment, furniture and installations are presented, as well as the operational and management routines, orders, customers and performance. During the second part of the day, the Partners learn about packaging and products. To finish the day, the technology available to the Partners to help with the management of their business is presented: SaaS and the Mr Jeff app.

The last day of training is focused on marketing and promotion, since the franchisee receives many resources from Mr Jeff’s head office to publicize the Store and attract customers. This part is facilitated by the Mr Jeff Marketing managers and includes other related subjects such as Mr Jeff’s communication strategy and developing the brand.

As we can see, the objective of the training is that the franchisee controls 100% of the development of the business and secures profitable investments. This is the only way to achieve success. 


Profitable Mr Jeff Investments: Mr Jeff continuous its expansion in Latin America

Mr Jeff’s good figures from the last year have done nothing more than attract interested investors to open up their own Mr Jeff Store. After filling Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Panama, Mr Jeff is already looking for more Partners who are interested in profitable investments.

Opening your own Mr Jeff franchise is a profitable investment. It is an essential service for everyone, as everybody washes and irons their clothes and therefore, demand is assured. Mr Jeff is a well-known brand on an international level with a proven business model in diverse markets and countries. Not to forget the technology aspect, Mr Jeff provides the franchisees with the necessary order management software and platforms to place their customers’ orders.


Mr Jeff is a renowned brand on an international level with a proven business model in diverse markets and countries

Mr Jeff started its journey in October 2015 in Spain. During the last three years, the business has grown to become one of the startups with the greatest international projection. This is due to Mr Jeff uniting two important concepts, a clothes washing service and the technology developed to do so. This benefits the customers as much as the Partners and the Mr Jeff company. It is a business with 360 degree development, profitable investments and enormous growth possibilities. If you are interested in joining Mr Jeff, don’t hesitate to inform yourself as places are limited. Mr Jeff offers an exclusivity zone to all its Partners, so every time Mr Jeff is brought to a new city, it’s not long before the best zones are filled.

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