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March, 12 2020

Our franchisees tell us about their experience with Mr Jeff

At Mr Jeff, we’re continuing to grow and expand into Latin America and we could not be more proud. In Mexico, more than 80 Partners have joined us and in Peru and Colombia we already have our first Partners interested in opening their Mr Jeff franchise. We are creating a community of entrepreneurs on a global scale that will participate in the next revolution in home services.

As a result, today in the Mr Jeff Franchise blog we want to introduce some of our first Partners, those people responsible for Mr Jeff’s success in Mexico City thanks to their service in centers all throughout the city.

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As we have mentioned on various occasions here in the blog, one of the great advantages of becoming a Mr Jeff Partner is the ongoing training and support for all our Partners’ needs that we provide from the Mr Jeff headquarters. Here, the Mr Jeff Business School stands out - a three-day training course that takes place in person, and in which the Mr Jeff team explain the keys to managing the business correctly. To present our Partners, we’ve added a video below with their testimonies after completing their training.


Beatriz and Carlos: Mr Jeff Franchise Polanco - Granada


partners opinions Polanco - Granada

Mr Jeff is a global company, expectations are high and we’re going to give it our all so that Mr Jeff reaches all of Mexico. We hope we’ll continue to grow and be part of that snowball process. Getting to know the team has been incredible. It’s an excellent investment and I think that it’s going to develop in even less time than we expect. The future is Mr Jeff in every Mexican state.”


Maximiliano: Mr Jeff Franchise Narvarte - Vertis


partners opinions Narvarte - Vertis

"The experience has been fantastic. I love everything that Mr Jeff is developing and the concept of the business. I hope we can expand into the entire Mexican market and bring people with us. The team is amazing, Mr Jeff has a great group, both of people and of Partners, who are all very talented and highly committed, they love their work and above all, having clean clothes. I think the decision to be a Partner has been the best decision of my life. I was looking at several options and Mr Jeff, with everything we’ve experienced, has fulfilled all my expectations. Mr Jeff’s expansion in Mexico will reach every city and eventually the entire country, it really is a necessity that every Mexican requires."


Florencio: Mr Jeff Franchise Portales - Eje 8


partners opinions Portales -Eje

"The experience has been excellent, it truly is a professional team. I hope that Mr Jeff might be an evolutionary process both on a personal level and with regard to the new service it provides in Mexico. Meeting the team has been somewhat of a surprise. It is a young team but they have great experience, great expertise and it truly has been a pleasant surprise. Being a Partner is definitely a good investment. The future of Mr Jeff in Mexico is that it will be the leader in this type of service nationwide. We will cover a large part of the country and this will be a success that precedes others."

Janel and Juan Carlos: Mr Jeff Franchise Las Águilas

partners opinions Las Águilas

"It has been an incredible experience, I have met entrepreneurs with a lot of vision and most of all I’ve got to know the Mr Jeff team in both Mexico and Spain. This has helped us have a much broader vision of the project here in Mexico. We hope to position the brand as the top laundrette in Mexico as soon as possible and grow as much as we can. It’s a very good investment because it opens the doors for us to continue growing on a national scale. The future is big, Mr Jeff should have an impact and be the number one application. Knowing the team has been great, they are very young entrepreneurs who make us feel very secure in this team."


Eric: Mr Jeff Franchise Arenal - Calle 4

partners opinions Arenal - Calle 4

"The experience has been very interesting. This training gives us a glimpse of what Mr Jeff really is. I initially saw it as a laundry business, but we’ve now seen it’s more than that. It gives us the vision to know what this brand we are joining really is. I consider myself part of Mr Jeff, I hope it will be one of the companies that grow and develop in Mexico as fast as possible and that we as Partners grow with the brand. These days have been quite interactive and it’s been both fun and interesting to meet Eloi and the people behind Mr Jeff,  they’ve shared some of their knowledge and values with us and that’s going to help us. I feel it's the best decision I've made because it's going to grow and we're going to grow with it. We're going to reach all of Mexico and help everyone get rid of the tediousness that is washing clothes. It's going to revolutionize the laundry industry and it's going to allow people to have time to do what they really like.”

Ian: Mr Jeff Franchise Santa Fe - Yaqui

partners opinions Santa Fe - Yaqui

"It's been awesome training, it shows that they know what they do and have a lot of experience which they’ve demonstrated with Brazil and Spain. We hope to grow together with Mr Jeff in Mexico, it's not just opening a laundrette. Getting to know the team has been very interesting, all the expertise that they have in the various areas, marketing, the application, etc. It’s all really cool. I think it's a good investment, we want to grow with Mr Jeff and we’re going to try as hard as we can. I think that Mr Jeff is going to break the market in Mexico, we’re going to reach a different market that has not yet been exploited in the country."

José Alfredo: Mr Jeff Franchise Del Valle - Torres Adalid

"It's been a pretty good process with a lot of sharing and excitement. The Mr Jeff family is something we've been looking to be part of and I can identify with them a lot. I expect innovation, I expect change and I expect excellent results and a good-quality service, this is what I hope for, as well as support from the company. Mr Jeff's team is one of the reasons I'm here, they’re very open people, friendly and committed to their work, and something I've really liked is the innovation and change, and I want to be part of this group. It’s a good investment, without a doubt I am aware that we’ll have to work a lot to strengthen the brand, but I think that in the short- and medium-term we will have incredible results in Mexico. I see Mr Jeff’s future in Mexico as a strong company with solvency, setting the example of how to do things right in the laundry sector. I think that in three or four years the company is going to mark a difference in the market and in the way we do things in industry.”

Ramsés: Mr Jeff Franchise Roma - Cuauhtemoc

partners opinions Roma - Cuauhtemoc

"It's been a few days of a lot of learning and understanding of what Mr Jeff has to offer, as well as the platform and the audience that the company is focused on. I hope that Mr Jeff will become a leader and a benchmark in Mexico and Latin America. I think the market will accept us well because people need these kinds of products and services. Meeting the team has been somewhat surprising because it is a very well-prepared team that is top, on a global level, in its areas of marketing, development, and focus on customer service. I think that the expectations we have, knowing the strength of the product and everything behind it, guarantee in a way that what we have invested is going to bring us back benefits. In Mexico I believe that Mr Jeff will become a technological reference and the market will become dependent on having an option close and always aware of your needs."

Osvaldo: Mr Jeff Franchise Del Valle - Fresas

partners opinions Del Valle - Fresas

"The experience has been very good because they have looked after us extremely well. I think Mr Jeff is going to take us down a very good road, especially in Mexico. I hope that the brand becomes a hit in Mexico, that will make us see laundry in a new way. The future is going to be great because we're going to be the first laundry franchise here in Mexico, it's going to be spectacular.”

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