Ideas for investing money: The modernization of markets and new businesses

February, 26 2020

What are the best ideas for investing money?

As years go by, new business ideas for investment arise due to constant changes in market demand. At times it can seem overwhelming and we ask ourselves, what are the best ideas for investing money in a profitable business?

If you are thinking about starting your own business with low investment and high profits, below is a list of ideas for investing a small amount of money and earning fast.

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Best Ideas for invest money:

1. Laundry Delivery

2. Coworking; Renting office spaces

3. Language translation and interpretation

4. E-Commerce: Online Shop

5. Consultancy and data analysis

6. Creation of Online Courses

7. Accommodation; Charming hostels

8. Food Truck

9. App Developer

10. Private Investigations

1. Laundry Delivery franchise

If we’re talking about laundry services, we present a classic in terms of types of business model, but as with everything, tradition can change and modernize. This kind of service has always been in demand, given that it’s a necessity in our everyday lives, and for that reason it’s a great investment idea.

How can laundry services be modernized? The answer is very simple: laundry and dry cleaning home delivery services. Although it seems obvious, not all laundry companies offer this service.

The current lack of time that people have and the burden of these household chores puts a high demand on delivery services. This leaves us with the perfect combination to invest money in businesses or laundry franchises.

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2. Coworking; Renting office spaces

We all know how expensive it can be to find your business premises or carry out your professional activities. This is why there is now an increased demand for Coworking spaces or renting shared offices.

It is a good way to save money on buying or renting a premises, which is why they are so attractive. As well as the benefit of saving, coworking also provides the tenant with the necessary furniture and the possibility of building a good social network.

If you have a large premises or the necessary funding to buy one, it could be an interesting business investment idea.

3. Language translation and interpretation

With an increasingly globalized world, language specialist services have skyrocketed. Professionals are required to master the different languages of the emerging markets that companies are focusing on.

If you have the ability to lead a team and you like business and languages, this is the perfect business to invest in this year.

Offering these services has a lot of business possibilities; from creating a freelance team who coordinate with businesses who request their service, or hiring a team of professionals in your charge.

4. E-Commerce: Online Shop

This is a good idea for investing little money and earning fast. The possibilities and categories of online sales is infinite, so you can sell anything that suits you. Online buying is becoming more and more widespread.

Some ideas for investing in e-commerce that are currently on the rise are:

  • Sale of imported products. This offers the customer the possibility of buying foreign products without having to leave their home.

  • Sale of artisanal, ecological or natural products. The demand for these types of products have risen in the last few years due to environmental awareness and efforts to lead healthier lives.

Sale of vintage items: Fashion is always changing and this is reflected in the current trend to buy these types of items. The boom has been so great that what was once considered an antique has revalued its price today.

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5. Consultancy and data analysis

As mentioned earlier, we live in a highly globalized and digitalized world which we can translate into an infinity of databases and information caused by the growth of Big Data.

How do we analyze all of this information? This is the question many managers and directors of large companies ask everyday. As always, we find demand in necessity, and where we have the idea for investing in a Consultation and Data Analysis company for all these business who require these specialized services.

The rapid growth in demand for these services presents a business opportunity due to the low number of professionals in this sector.

6. Creation of Online Courses

If you are an expert in a specific sector or subject, you can create a website or blog where you can sell tutorial videos or articles through subscriptions or purchasing packages.

Another business idea for investing money is giving live online classes, where you can interact with those who hire your service.

7. Accommodation; Charming hostels

Almost everyone likes to travel and that is why tourism is one of the most income-generating sectors. It should be noted that the concept of tourism is changing and there are endless possibilities for all tastes and budgets.

Charming hostels are one of the more fashionable types of tourism right now. They are popular for those who don’t want to spend a fortune and allows them to see new places.

8. Food Truck

If you like cooking and travelling, a Food Truck or street food vans are a great business investment.

The concept of fast food is deeply rooted in the United Kingdom and has successfully spread to many other countries.

The initial investment is buying the vehicle and equipping it so as to be able to cook the food.

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9. App Developer

The mobile app business has been emerging for years now because due to the high digitalization of content and our way of life, many daily tasks are done through apps on our phones.

This is why creating an agency with professionals who are specialized in app development is a good business idea to invest in this year, because many businesses need people like these to create their apps.

10. Private Investigations

The last profitable idea of this article is to invest money in a Private Investigation company. Fraud cases have always existed and many people turn to private investigators to find evidence of the crime.

You can open a branch of specialized investigations in specific company cases such as tax fraud, insurance etc., or focus on personal investigations.

We hope that this article has given you an idea for a business to invest in this year.

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