Dry-Cleaner Business: The Future Of This Growing Industry

March, 3 2020

Dry - Cleaning is a very interesting business. Many people think that it is a not very attractive sector because... well its cleaning others' stuff. Why do I say it is an interesting sector? Because you cannot see the beauty in it at first glance, it is not common, you have to make research to see why it is a business to invest in. Remember, the future of laundry and dry-cleaning services is very, very bright!

The cleaning industry is very fluid and adapts with emerging needs and technologies. It is a safe sector, something that will never end (everyone needs to clean their clothes every once in a while). We can acknowledge that the sector changes the world even as its business management model evolves. A great opportunity awaits to those who intend to join the industry.

The companies that will be mentioned in this article are the following:5sec, Aramark, Mr Jeff, Dryclean USA, MWD Group.

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What are the advantages of the dry cleaning industry?


1. Dry Cleaning is less abrasive
2. Professional dry cleaners pay close attention to detail
3. Dry cleaning is perfect for stain and odor removal
4. There is capacity for large delicate items
5. Dry cleaning helps your clothes last longer!

This time we will start with the hard part: numbers, statistics and studies. Ready? Let's do this!

According to a study performed by Business Wire, the Dry-Cleaning and Laundry Services market is expected to have a value of nearly $ 180 billion by 2020! It is known that this service may not sound very interesting at first, but oh is it bright! Think about it, wouldn't you like to be in a market which would have a compound growth annual rate (CAGR) of 10,9%!?

Through the past three years, the Dry-cleaner and laundry business has had a very rapid growth caused by the economic growth in the emerging markets, franchising and mainly because the busy lifestyles and technological advances in the industry.

The global personal services market of dry-cleaning and laundry services is a segment with a growth expectation to nearly $1,842.2 billion by 2020. 

1. Dry Cleaning is less abrasive

Due to the market's innovations, it has been managed that the laundry and dry-cleaning services use greener products that are less abrasive in the clothing than home washing and drying. It is also important to contemplate that, our delicate clothes are handled by people with the dry cleaning best practices.

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2. Professional dry cleaners pay close attention to detail

When doing laundry at home, there are some other tasks that follow such as folding, ironing and storing them back in place. So it is possible for you not to see specific details however, when your items are taken care by a professional, they can handle those specific details as well as folding and ironing for you. The only thing left for you to do would be to hand them or store them in your closet. 



3. Dry cleaning is perfect for stain and odor removal

From time to time home remedies do a great work by removing stains and odors, but there are others that .. well our mother's remedies not always work. The best idea is to trust an expert to help you with this. Has it never happened to you that you consider throwing away certain items because you can't remove the stains or weird odors? Try the dry cleaner first.

4. There is capacity for large delicate items

One of the best things about dry cleaners is that they can handle curtains, rugs, sofa covers, among other things that the laundry machine at home has no space for.

5. Dry cleaning helps your clothes last longer!

You didn't know this one did you? When you have your clothes professionally dry cleaned and pressed, they aren't exposed to fiber-wearing agitation of the washing machine, and this my friends is why they look their best longer. It also makes the colors brighter and, instead of throwing the clothes away.

How to profit from this trendy sector?


As stated above, the dry cleaning business is very trendy and even more trendy because it goes hand on hand with technology. Offline and online distribution channels is THE segment of this market. The offline into online distribution channels  for dry-cleaning and laundry services is expected to be the fastest-growing segment of the industry with a CAGR of 34%!

So what can you do to profit from this sector? Invest in digital technologies. As stated before, one of the things that "helps" this market keep growing is that people have crazy lifestyles. So it is important to take advantage of this and help people through technology. Everything is through mobile apps these days, because we have what we want in just one click. If you want your business to be a success, use technology in your favor, if possible offer cashless self-service options to ease cash management and attract costumers.

Free tips for you!

This article has been about what's great of having a a laundry and dry cleaning business so lastly, we say goodbye with the following tips.

1. Business Plan

business plan for dry cleaner business

As in any business, it is of extreme importance to have everything planned. Having a written business plan of the type of business you want to have and answering the questions: how, what, when, where, why Having the answer to this questions will make your business a success because you will have a previous analysis made.

2. Location

One of the most important things to consider. Yu want to open your store in an area populated by your target demographic

3. Technology

As stated above, it is very important to have technology as a part of the business. Don't take be left behind. 

4. Customer Service

Word-of-mouth is a big deal. It is important for you to keep your customers happy, have a great service and show the customer you care about him/ her. Give the best experience possible for your customers to recommend you through word of mouth, social media or any other media.

One really important point to keep in mind is that everybody's time is valuable. It's all we care about in the end. We have crazy days in the office and then the last thing we want to do is to do laundry and ironing with our busy schedules. 

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